HD Radio- Why no home tuners yet?

I've been hearing about "HD Radio" for months now, but the only receivers made for it so far seem to be either Car stereos or table-top radios. Does anyone have any ideas about why the home-audio equipment manufacturers haven't jumped on this?
Yamaha makes receivers that will pick up HD radio.
Try ADA.
Because the US is well behind the rest of the globe, when it comes to anything digital.
I think it's too little - too late for digital radio. Between Infinity, Clear Channel, and other biggies in radio broadcasting few people I know listen to most of the drivel on commercial AM & FM. Way too many commercials (especially during election season) and predictable playlists of the same stuff whether you're in Los Angeles, Tulsa, or Philadelphia.
If it wasn't for sports, religious and talk radio, many stations and broadcast groups would be off the air.
Most audio types I know listen to the local non-profit jazz station, Classical, or a few college stations. In addition, my McIntosh tuner does a nice job bringing in my favorite classical station. Why invest in something only marginally better?
I agree with avideo. A reasonable FM tuner (available for under a couple of hundred dollars) with a good outdoor antenna will make great music and give you a broader selection of stations.
Most digital stations are available online also. Hook a computer to your audio rig.
I'm not interested in HD/XM/etc because right now, I'm getting excellent fidelity and a variety of feeds directly from the internet. Most notably, a number of the university FM stations are now on the 'net with excellently-engineered streams.

I find that a number of the feeds, though, have not figured out how to engineer the audio for digital transmission.

Main reasons why most folks haven't figured this out:

* Its still tricky to get it up and running. Cutting/pasting URLs, dinking around with codecs, etc will keep your joe-consumer away

* Its not well known: Many folks I talk to - and I'm from the high tech world - don't know about this or don't have their home theater connected to their computer - see item above for reason.

* HD/XM/etc have far better marketing: Face it, you have to be a geek to want this sort of thing.


I listen to planetrock.com.