HD Radio in Portland, OR

Is anyone using the Sangean HDT-1 HD tuner in their system? What are your thoughts on the performance of the unit and the format itself?
Hi, I recently purchased the HDT-1 tuner with fairly low expectations. For background, I live in Seattle with good to great reception. I am really impressed with the sound of the unit. I have used a Magnum-Dynalab, Linn, Hafler and other tuners. The digital broadcast sounds much better in my opinion. I am waiting for an audiophile company to build a HD Tuner, until then I think this is the best tuner you can get.
Feeling I should expand my comments.

First, I am running my Sangean using an Magnum Dynalab roof antenna.

Second, I think most FM transmitters transmit everything digital today. The days of an FM station spinning vinyl and transmitting the signal through tube gear are over. They run digital files through A/D converters and transmit the signal. A pure digital signal from file to your HD Receiver that converts the signal to analog for playback should be better. I get much less noise and static than I did with my old tuners. I think the music sounds better. Makes me wonder what quality of A/D converters the station uses.

Anyway the Sangean has a digital out, so I am excited to see what it will sound like with a nice D/A converter. More later.
I'm using the Sangean HDT-1X and it works well. Many tuners have noise which, ironically, is caused by the HD signal. The Sangean is so quiet it made me notice a low-level hum issue in my system which I had missed before. I've used the TOSLINK output into a Logitech Transporter with good results, but the analog output from the Sangean sounds quite similar. The format is not "CD Quality" as they claim but very quiet. HD stands for Hybrid Digital, not High Definition, but they keep that quiet! If you have reception problems or no way to access stations to your stereo by internet, it's a good choice. I'm using a full-size attic antenna but the reviews say the Sangean is very sensitive. See http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/FMtuners/ or http://www.fmtunerinfo.com/ for more.