HD radio

Just got a Sony HD tuner. I live in the mountains and just used the simple antenna that came with the tuner taped to the wall a four or five feet above my surge protectors. I was stunned by the sonic image thrown by this little marvel from my local HD NPR jazz station. This thing was $100 with shipping. (Couldn't buy it locally.) Fabulous. Radio fans take note! I've been a musician since 4th grade and I'm 50 years old now. I still play music 25 days a month on either tenor sax or bass. I've spent large chunks of my life listening to music and the Sony is impressive!
Biggest 'bang-for-the-buck' product that I've seen. Treat it like a high-end componet (isolation/vibration etc.) and it does not disappoint!
I've got the Sangean HDT-1X and use the digital output to a cambridge DAC magic. It sounds pretty good for FM but not like a CD. I have tried the Sony and found it good but the bass was better on the Sangean with the DAC
Sounds great. What is the model number and where did you get it? Thanks.
You'll be interested in the following extensive review:


It does seem like a remarkable and innovative product, although I would suspect that the sophisticated digital signal processing which is used to achieve its exceptional measured performance, and its exceptional reception performance on weak stations, as well as the design compromises which are inevitable in a $100 product, probably limit its sound quality on strong signals somewhat.

-- Al
Al's right, but it's the most bang for your buck in Hi Fi.
Doesn't have the bass of my 10B, but pulls in weak stations better, and HD is a bonus.
Use a C. Crane dipole for best results short of an outdoor or attic antennea.

J135: XDR-F1HD. Ordered from b&h photo in nyc. (free shipping!) Heard about it in the 'webzine, "Audio Critic."

Listened in amazement again last night to Benny Golson special in HD. She was runnin' warm so I'll be sure to register @sony.com in case I need to use the warranty. The heat may be just from turning the screen brightness to maximum.
Has anyone tried this? HD radio with iPod doc.
Sorry, now that I looked harder, it's actually not a tuner but just a radio with ipod. Never mind.
Got my Sony XDRF-1 yesterday. On of the best audio purchases I've ever made. The sound is wonderful. If it remains reliable I'll be very happy. I'll have to get one for the primary system. Right now it's in the secondary system used for background listening. But it sounds so good I may put it the main system and check it's soundstaging/imaging capabilities. Got it for $80 on Amazon last week. Outstanding value.