HD Radio

Does anyone know when home based HD radio tuners will be released? It looks like the three manufacturers currently selling retail product (JVC, Kenwood and Panasonic) are now selling mobile products only.
I have been watching for home based tuners for quite some time but I have not been able to find anything. When I do a general search for 'HD Radio' I keep coming up with the two main suppliers of auto receivers.

Pity, I suspect whoever is 'first out of the barn' will do well......
Please see the Boston Acoustics table top Recepter Radio® HD With HD Radio™ Technology by iBiquity Digital. Their Web site is http://www.bostonacoustics.com/home_product.aspx?product_id=325. The list price is $499.

Please see http://www.ibiquity.com/ for more info on digital radio and a list of stations that broadcast in HD.
The Boston Acoustics is a good start. I wish it had a digital (toslink, coax, etc.) output so I could integrate it into my main system. So far only Day Sequerra has this but at a hefty price.