HD Music Stream Service

HDtracks has just announced its upcoming hi res streaming service, HDmusicStream. This service will allow you to access the same, vast hi res lusic library offered by HDtracks but as an online streaming platform.  Launching very soon!  

They are producing some informational videos about HDmusicStream right now. We will have lots more information for you soon!

This announcement raises many questions about when, cost, how to access, hardware required, sound quality, content and many more.  I will post any additional information I receive.   

I asked Aurender if they have any plans to implement a HD Tracks Streaming service into their iPad app.  Unfortunately, Aurender reports, at the moment, there is not much information available about this service, but if HD Tracks provides an API to developers so that Aurender can implement it into their App, then Aurender may consider adding it to Conductor.

It seems my request for HD Tracks streaming on my Aurender is complicated.  

I asked HD Tracks if they have any plans to release an API to developers so that Aurender, and other similar companies, can build their streaming service into their application.  

I know this development is very involved and going to take time.  Depending on its cost, I might be interested in streaming Hi Res albums from HD Tracks on my Aurender Music Server if this service was available.  The bottom line is Hi Res Streaming from HD Tracks on my Aurender Music Server is not going to happen in the short term and may not ever happen.

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HD Tracks reports

"I cannot speak to HDtrack's plans to release an API at this moment. I do not know whether or not there are plans in the future.  I do know that a dedicated app for Mac and Windows will be released soon".

I think most audiophiles prefer using a standalone steamer than an app for windows or mac. No aurender support is a deal breaker for me. I hope they smarten up and release an API soon. 
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I am very disappointed.   HD Tracks reports (as of 12/30/2017) "HDmusicStream has been put on hold for now. When we have a definitive launch date, we will definitely let everyone know".

If, and when, HDmusicStream becomes available, I am hoping that Aurender supports this service but I have no information about it.

I was told that Qobuz will be available in the USA this year. This announcement would be great.  I have no additional information on when, costs or any other details.   

Qobuz has recently introduced a special (i.e. 349 euro a year) service in Europe where you get High Resolution streaming on all high resolution material in their catalogue, plus lossless cd quality on the rest. I have recently subscribed to their lossless 16/44 service (20 euro a month) and have been pleased. I am not sure higher resolutions will bring any additional benefits. I am stil pondering whether lossless 16/44 is better than 320 kbps as on Spotify. Listening under uncontrolled conditions I would say yes, but that could be a delusion (with some Harbeth User Group members we are planning a proper test). I prefer the Qobuz interface (hated Spotify for that), but unlike their web browser application their Chromecast app is a challenge.
Qobuz Customer Service reports "They are currently ONLY open in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, NL, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and Ireland.

Qobuz is really sorry you cannot find our service in your country.
Although, you should know our International development is growing, we might open soon in your country in few monthes! :-)".

I do not know when this means QoBuz will open in the USA.