HD Music downloads vs CD purchases.

I thought it would make sense to download music in Hi Rez since my CD collection is quite small. I have an IPOD and an iBook G4. Thought of getting a Wadia dock and an external DAC as well to play on my home audio system.
After doing some research, i realized that the few HD music download sites (HDTracks, Music Giants, ITRAX) have very, VERY limited selection of titles available compared to the mass CD market. Actually, all the titles i wanted none of the above have them. I have nearly 2000 vinyl's but some titles i can only get on CD's.

Question is: should i keep my CD player and build on to what i already have.
I do not quite understand what "PC Audio" is intended for since there is almost nothing available to download in HD. Is it (PC Audio) essentially "designed" to rip a CD collection in AIFF, FLACC, WAV, onto a hard drive and do away with hundreds of plastic cases. That i would understand.
Thank You

Looks as though you've answered you're own question.
for now, yes. If/when more popular titles are available as a hi-rez download, then there will be more to it than a storage/selection/ergonomic issue (w a high end DAC you will get superior reproduction, but not likely from an iPod unless you get one of the new hi-end docks)
There's the rub. Hopefully, for those who are audiophiles, sometime in the future you will find the music you like in hi-rez.

I have the same problem. Very few titles are available. You can always hope.
Just a point of information. Porcupine Tree, my current faveorite rock band has some Hi Rez downloads available on their website. They sound excellent. I believe the name of their website is Burning Shed.