HD FM tuners

First off, anyone try this format? Are there enough stations? Does one need a dedicated antenna?
Sony or Sangean?
I use the Sangean in my vicinity of Metro Detroit. There are plenty of stations and I use a FM Reflect antenna from C.Crane Co. It is the best antenna I have tried and it works really well for me. I did buy the Sangean HDT-1X which is the later model Sangean with an optical digital output which is used through a seperate DAC. I think it sounds better with the seperate DAC and I am using the Cambridge Audio DACMagic. I thought this setup was better than the Sony i tried, especially in the bass.
I tried the Sony and it was a big disappointment.This is the one that Sam Tellig really liked.In digital in had a narrow sound stage on every station I tried.Sam said it was better than his reference tuner.My analog tuners ran circles around it too.The only plus was the sub-channels digital only could receive.It doesn't have a digital out either.
I have the Sony modified by Radio X Tuners. The mods improve the sound quite a bit. I also use the FM Reflect with it. HD allows me to receive our classical station on my downstairs system. This station recently moved to a lower power transmitter and reception has suffered.HD (carried on 89.7 WGBH HD-2 Boston) is quiet and fine for background/non-critical listening. Fortunately,reception of the FM signal (99.5 WCRB Boston) is good in my upstairs listening room with a Marantz 10B using a Direct Reflect.
I have a Polk i-Sonic in the bedroom with HD, that is essentially used as an alarm clock. The sound is good. Ive connected a small PSB sub which helps it a lot. Interestingly, the Direcr Reflect does not work as well on this side of the house. I have a Magnum Dynalab whip that does a better job with the Polk in this location.
Bottom line is that Sony should add an optical output, antennas are critical, and HD is good but does not replace analog for critical listening.
Currently use 2 Sony's - gave away a Insignia and have a Sangean that's sitting in it's box not being used.Yah - antennas do make a big difference - has always puzzled me why folks think they wouldn't ?It's radio! really do wish the Sony had a digi out and maybe even more - that the memory back up cap was capable of holding pre-sets for at least a few hours. With a not particularly great antenna - the Sony's in analog will pull in stations up to 90 miles away - simply amazing.Been 15 years or so since I last owned a 10B - but even back then - it cost me about 8 times what the Sony sells for and wasn't able to pull in distant stations as well as the Sony's do.
Good points made by Stonedeaf. Try having your Sony upgraded by Mike at Radio X Tuners, while we wait for Sony to come out with an optical out.