Looks like Netflix will be carrying Hi-Def DVD's for rent. Any excitement here for that?
Yes, I'm looking forward to them.
Does anybody have the list for releases,present and soon to be--?
great but when the players be available?
Caught a demo of movie trailers; the digital effects were absolutely unbelievable but the rest of the demo was what I would describe as "pretty good". The new King Kong trailer was a good example. The ape and T-rex shots looked so real and detailed that I wanted to see it again and again. The shots of the actors didn’t have the same level of detail. I'm sure it will get better and better - can’t wait for hi-def Pixar.

I didn’t even consider a player before I saw the demo - count me in now.

Anyone else see the demo?
Today HD DVD got pushed back even further...saw it on FOX.
Good, if its going to bring with it highly compressed HD material, let's hope it gets pushed back forever.
Horseface, I caught a demo of it last week and I'm a lot more interested now.

The fidelity is great, but that was expected. All of the little touches are what put it over the top for me - the pop-up menus, the bookmarking functionality, the timeline - all nice touches that will definitely improve the user experience.

I'm as excited about the uncompressed audio as anything - although I don't have 5-channel discrete in or HDMI on my preamp, unfortunately.