Hi Agoners. I have a question about an hddvd player I just bought on ebay the other day. The Toshiba player I had finally died. As owner of about 50 hd-dvds I just didn't want to give up without a fight. I spent only $50 + shipping for the player. It works well with good picture and sound. It is also a Toshiba, but a different model than my previous player. I keep getting an error code 408bc504 which stops the playback cold. From what I've seen on different forums it's a common problem on this model, caused by sensitivity to smudges and dirt on the discs. I've tried wiping the discs with a microfiber cloth and have had some success. I also understand that there were some fixes issued by Toshiba that are no longer available. I am hoping there is someone out 
there with a suggestion or a fix for this problem.  I'm not ready to give up the ghost. Thx

Ok I know you dont want to hear this ...BUT, forget the ghost, trash the DVD's and embrace cloud services. There is so much more content...(50 discs?? are keeping you from a whole new world) IMHO.  Its like clinging to BETAMAX? LOL. sorry.

Matt M
Thx for the for the suggestion. I use the cloud and other modes but I love having the physical media. Like having lps.

Does Toshiba make Blu Ray Players?  If they do they may have added HD-DVD Functionality