HBO copy protects it shows.

I tried to copy HBO Boxing to DVD and got a note saying the broadcast was copy protected. Anyway to get around this?
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You may be able to copy off of the analog output of your cable/satellite box or off of the analog output of the TV.
Which is why I, and this my opinion, find all the new digital formats boring. I had a blast with my VCRs copying whatever I wanted to. It made video fun. I can't even name a current heavyweight boxer today (thank goodness I was around for free Muhammad Ali). We are paying big money to watch cable TV and it is 50% commercials! Everything today has to do with wrenching the last dollar from people. Sorry, I felt like ranting. I should be happy. I'm not buying thousand dollar VCRs any longer......I've owned several......but only one DVD player.....I wonder why :)
What about PVR? TIVO? Apple TV? Does any one know if if you can rip a DVD from one of those?

The fight was recorded on Tivo. I thought I would be rid of tapes forever...guess not. I remember reading something about the Digital Lens having the ability to delete sub-code. I'll email Paul McGowan.

I'm with you 100 percent. It's really obscene what HBO charges for their PPV Boxing Events. I really wanted to watch that De LaHoya - Mayweather bout, but I wasn't prepared to shell out $60 for the one-time privilege.

I used to subscribe to HBO mainly for their boxing event coverage, but lately, all the high-profile fights cost big-bucks on PPV. A small consolation is that you can usually watch the bout on regular HBO a week later after you already know who won and how the fight went. No Thank You!!!

So I dropped HBO and won't be resubscribing. I can think of a lot of better ways to spend my money.
HBO is only a few bucks more and I watch some of the series they produce. The boxing is great too, but if they are trying to save boxing as a popular sport with high$$$ PPV - a big mistake. It is too bad you cant copy the programing, but the Sopranos, Deadwood, Big Love, Entourage, Rome... well frankly, they have me hooked.
I have all the Sopranos this season but have never watched an episode(or any season)on Tivo. I'll try to copy and see what happens. The funny thing is, if I rent the DVD's, I can burn them on the PC with no problems.
Tab110s.....and anyone else.....currently, what can we, and what can't we, do in terms of copying Hi-Def on a PC? I study this from time to time, and always get confused.
240zracer: You can record HDTV from OTA sources and some non-encrypted QAM cable channels (with a QAM compatible card), but you can't record HBO or any premium channels in HD. If you use MS Media Center then it puts Copy protection on shows that request it. You can convert those shows to mpeg though.

There are some new pc's coming out with Vista Ultimate and cable card slots so you can record HD onto those, but who know what you will be able to do with the content. They are not going to sell the cable card readers seperately but only with an authorized pc.

There are some ways to hack TIVO's to get your shows off.... google for that info... I'm just sitting back and hating my MS Media Center PC recording problems..
Plato....the Mayweather De La Hoya fight was awful. You didn't miss anything.