Haydn Symphonies

Other than the obvious Dorati/Decca complete symphony set, which is uniformly excellent at budget price, what other Haydn symphony CDs are worth getting. I also have the budget price Davis/Phillips London symphony set, and the Kuijken/Virgin Paris symphony set. There are many other versions now as well as remastered older sets, what do other members recommend?
Try the various Scherchen renditions, which were originally issued on Westminister. He recorded a complete set of the London Symphonies as well as other individual works. His version of Symphony 44 in E minor, The Trauer, is an inspired presentation. Monteux offers two great performances of the Clock & Surprise on RCA. Happy listening.
He did not get much press in this area, however Leonard Berstein was an excellent Haydn interpreter. A safe bet is also Neville Marriner. Roy Goodman I believe is original instruments, so it IS or is NOT good depending on your personal tastes.
For the original instrument sound I far prefer Bruggen to Roy Goodman. For performances on modern instruments of the more obscure (and not so obscure) symphonies I have really enjoyed Fisher and the Austro Hungarian Haydn Orchestra. The notes that come with the Dorati set are unmatched
Check out a few of the London Symphonies conducted by Szell; I found them worthwhile. For the Paris, Karajan's reading is interesting, to say the least, for it is quite Beethovenish as explained. Never known for works on Haydn (didn't do many either if not almost none until his later year); however, the usual refinement of Karajan shows and is quite enjoyable. A friend of mine has Eugen Jochum on LP. When I sampled them, I quite liked them. If you find them on LP, try them and you won't be disappointed. I know for sure that DG has reissued his reading of the London symphonies on CD; yet, I have not found them for myself. It may be worthwhile to check out Hogwood, the backbone of my set; I love his works on J.S. Bach, Mozart, Haydn. etc.