Having trouble extracting sound from certain vinyl

I have a clearaudio emotion with sumiko blue point special, linn LK1 pre-amp, LK100 amp and Kef c series reference speakers. On certain vinyl especially 10 inch, 7 inch and 45's background vocals and keys are hard to pick up. Any ideas??
perhaps mono?
I actually just setup my Emotion this afternoon after purchasing it used from a member on Audiogon. It came with the Clearaudio Virtuoso cart. Overall it sounds amazing, but for some reason, I feel like my Music Hall MMF-5.1 had better dynamics. I'm trying to determine if this is a setup issue or if it's a inherent quality of the table/cart. Do you have this problems with all albums? Maybe it's a tracking for issue?
Not having it with all albums, actually just 2 in particular, both radiohead. Tried them on another table and set-up and they sounded normal.
Radiohead seems to use phase shifting in their recordings that give it a more stereo wide presentation I think the keys are that way on some tracks on Amnesiac which I have on vinyl. Those sounds may be diminished with azimuth misalignment due to phase cancellation caused by channel crosstalk. Check to see if your copy has a lip at the edge of the record. Mine looks like it has a slight lip and that may change the Azimuth for just that record due to the placement on the platter and may be exacerbated with a record clamp. Great modern rock recordings BTW. As long as the cartridge overhang is correct I would start with Azimuth but if there is a lip you may just be changing your setup for 1 or 2 records.
After tests with other set-up I have concluded it to be either my interconnects or the phono stage in my preamp.