having problems with music streamer/windows?

i have a music streamer plus and it has worked great for several months. One of the best bargains in stereo equipment I've had to date. But when I removed it from one computer to another last week it quit working. Windows show that it is working and when i check the properties under devices it shows it playing but i get no audio out of either one of my systems now. I am running and have been running windows 7 on both systems. any help from anyone. thanks
I do not own a streamer, but did you go to your sound
mixer(speaker icon in the right hand corner of the screen and
select it to be your default device for output? Left mouse
click on the speaker icon, then do the same on the highlighted
mixer tab. You should have a pull down tab for selecting your
default output devices.
I have a Streamer+, and it had always worked with all of my computers without issue. It sounds like your unit may have some type of major malfunction. You should contact HRT support and discuss the issue with them directly. I looked up their contact info, hear it is:


Phone: (323) 967-7447

I hope that they can resolve the issue for you.
Have you resolved the problem with your Music Streamer? What was the issue?
Thank you.
i have one and it is plug and play for me. easiest thing i,ve ever used. maybe yours is broke. did it just stop working one day with out changing anything? i always do absent minded professor check first. is the volume up on the computer??? good luck. and i use a mac and a pc with mine intercheagably w/o adjusting anything. i suspect it is going back to hrt by now.