Having problem with Logitech Squeezebox Touch switching libraries

I listen to Tidal on library called "mysqueezebox.com".  My "stored" music (on my iMac hard drive, downloaded music and ripped CDs) is on a different library.  My LST won't switch libraries.  When I go to "switch libraries" in the on-screen menu, it just sits and "spins".  This happens on both a wired network connection and on wireless connection.  Right now I am listening to Tidal.  Can not play my stored music thru the LST.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks, Matt

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I had similar issues a few years ago.  I use my SBT to stream from my Vortexbox (Linux-based) server.  Try going to the GUI on a networked computer in your home, by entering the IP address for the SBT.  Once there, open the Logitec server page and look for a dropdown box labeled "player".  You should see your SBT as a choice there.  Select it.  You may need to reboot your SBT and/or your iMac, too.