Having a BC 2 gain increased at factory

I own a pair of Blue Circle BC-2 monoblocks. As I am readying them be sent to factory, I wonder if I am able to increase its gain in the factory. In comparison to my other amps, its gain is rather low. The different with my preamp volume on the BC-2 is about 1/4 or 1/6 off. I mean, if I run a different amp, SF Power 2 or even the DNA 225, I would need to have its volume at about 9 am, but with the BC 2, I need to have it about 11'o clock in order to get it going satisfactorily.
Will I clip the amp faster if the gain can be increased? What are the advantages or disadvantages of doing such procedure?

Why are you asking us? You should call Gilbert Yeung at Blue Circle and ask him....(519)469-3215
Gilbert is a nice guy and will be glad to talk to you about his gear. If you don't want to call then eMail him at:
Happy listening.
Paul: Does it sound good at 11:00? That's what really counts. Less ambitious volume pots can also have a "sweet" spot (or area)in which they sound better. You may want to run this by the manufacturer of your preamp as well as checking things out with BC.
Good point by Dekay. The preamp might be your solution.
Dekay is right on about preamps. I worked hard finding a preamp that would fit my system, with the BC 2 being my "anchor component" which everything was built around (Speakers are VSM-se). You will need a pre that delivers current, with added gain, and that is also dynamic, with the BC2 10kohms input Imp. First Sound, Emotive, Audible Illusions are 3 that come to mind. The lack of dynamics and gain are 2 reasons why I didn't go for a BC3, even though you would think that would be the way to go. Definitely no passives, or Cd players with weak output's driving the BC2 directly.