Having a bad experience with Ridge Street Audio...

I placed an order with Ridge Street Audio back in September. I have not received my cables yet and Robert Schultz the owner is not responding to my emails and voice mails.

Anyone else having a similar experience?
Why have you waited so long to do anything about this? I hope your credit card company sympathizes with you.
call your credit card company tonight and file a complaint..find your billing statement with the date of the charge and attach it to your next statement...and write out your complaint..don't wait any longer.
Up to now, I've given these one man boutique type companies some slack in terms of timing and Robert Schultz always was pleasant and attentive, I had no problems getting a hold of him. Now he is MIA.

Your point is well taken. I used PayPal. We'll see how it goes.
Remember, timing is everything with PayPal.
This sounds familiar with another boutique company keeping a D-sonic amp for months on end. The owner of the amp had to go to every forum until it was returned. Multiple emails and phone calls were ignored until the news hit just about every forum. People just don't come to the forums unless they know for sure there is an issue with a company.
To my knowledge , with Paypal you have six weeks to open a dispute if if don't recieve your goods or if your goods are not as described. Based on this Paypal may not help you. You however may get some recourse through your credit card provider.
Even if you are within the 45 day limit with paypal, your CC Co. has the final say so. How long your CC Co. give you to have them issue a chargeback is up to them. No one should be ripped off after paying for something. No excuses. I wish you the best.
There is another somewhat recent thread with the same kind of story. It is too bad. I bought multiple cables in the past and had no problems and would have recommended him without hesitation (his name is Robert Schult btw). My last dealings with him involved a crossover build. Multiple missed deadlines and promises broken. Several lame excuses. I eventually got them, but it was months after the original promised date. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten my product given what I am hearing recently about service and delivery. Too bad, because he makes a very fine product. With that being said, I would not consider sending him money again. I hope this situation gets resolved for you. Good luck.

Thanks! for posting. You should have no trouble getting your money back.
MWilson004, has your issue been resolved? IS RSAD still in business?