having 24/192 WAV files and 24/192 capable DAC

via Coaxial input..but HOW do i play back those files? Is there any affordable music server or hard disc player that will allow me to play those files and output them to the coaxial input of my DAC?

if not, is there any alternative ?
Thanks in advance..i'm a newbie in digital playback.
I, one, have a Dell computer which outputs SPDIF via its docking station's digital output. That feeds my Benchmark DAC1. I'm running Foobar to play my music.
Nice live digital recording in various formats, including hi rez ones, may be found here.

there are three problems;

--finding a DAC with coaxial input that will do 192/24 WAV files.

--does coaxial have the bandwidth to handle 2-channel 192/24 WAV files?

--if the cable has that potential bandwidth, then does a DAC have the proper drivers installed that will allow it to recieve 192/24 over coaxial?

i've not seen 192/24 done with coaxial cables. my music server uses the Lynx AES16 XLR sound card and outputs into my Playback Designs MPS-5 over AES/EBU XLR. it does do 192/24 WAV files.
Please correct me if I am wrong..i started out with digital music with an affordable Music Hall 25.2 DAC that has coax, optical, USB and ASB input. Through exchanging emails with Music Hall, they said all input except USB can accept and process 24/192 signal without down sampling them. That's why I am looking for a music server or something similar with 24/192 coaxial output to play files that I create with KORG MR1000
mikelavigne...what exactly do you use for a music server? i am interested in this issue as well...good thread to follow for me.
SPDIF coax will indeed support 24/192, but until recently USB did not. Currently, there are only a couple of designers making USB DACs capable of supporting 24/192 (and higher), while there are quite a few making DACs with SPDIF capable of supporting beyond 24/192.
Has anyone used the Tascam DV-RA1000HD ? It looks very promising..I wonder if it can output 24/192 via its coaxial?

Mike I’m using SPDIF coax from a Mac mini via M2-tech (USB) into SPDIF input on my PBD, sounds very good. I still have to experiment with a better coax cable than the one am using now.
I have a huge open reel collection (the pre-recorded from the manufacturer kind) that are highly collectable and wonderful to listen to. Unfortunately, father time is starting to turn some of them to krappe already even though it's only been 55 years or so since they were made. :shock:

My question is this: I want to archive these wonderful analog recordings to 24 bit 192 kz sampled dv-as (two channel.) I do not want them to be compressed at all in the process. I have an expensive Denon player that plays back 24/192 kz dvd-as and the owners manual says it will play back 24/192 recorded on dvd-r.

The Tascam 1000HD says it will record directly to dvd+/- RW and it will archive to dvd-r, but my gut tells me this expensive machine will archive in something less than 24/192 which I do not want. Even 24/96 will not do these analog treasures justice.

Does anybody know if I can get from my analog tape to a 24/192 dvd-r with this machine without compression? Will it play back the dvd+'- RW as an analog signal to my preamp and if so will it sound as good as an archived dvd-R through the more expensive playback unit? And if this will work for me, does anybody know where I can find a used Tascam 100HD at a reasoanble price (around $800 or so?)