Haven't used my analog rig for months......

Lately, I just haven't had the time to listen to music, be it digital or analog. I practice leaving all my electronics on 24/7 but since I haven't been listening to my gear, I've had to turn it off. My question is, would there be operational issues that I should be aware of if I left my table non-operational? I have a VPI Scout w/ the Dyna 10x5 cartridge and I'm worried that maybe the belt and/or the stlus might stiffen up from not being used in months. Any input out there would be appreciated. Thanks.
Months, no. Years, yes.
Nothing that could not be undone with easy warm-up procedures, providing your rig is kept in a controlled temperature and humidity environment.
There shouldn't be any issues. You might want to remove the belt while it's not being used, but that's about it. I doubt that the cartridge will be bothered.
I had my Thorens in the closet for years. Took it out, dusted it off, fired it up and it worked fine.