Havel Röst , H90, Moon 240i

Hello everyone. I would like to upgrade from my $400AV to a 2 channel integrated amp. I’m considering the Hegel h90, Moon 240i, Schiit Saga/Vidar I ( I realize this are separated), or possibly a used Hegel Röst. I already have a good phono preamp. My speakers are the kef q300 , which I would like to replace with the kef r3’s later. Any thoughts or recommendations ? Thanks 
Sorry about the wording. I didn’t have my glasses on and the smartphone took over
I’m in a similar situation and both the H90 and 240i are on my shortlist.

To add a bit more color, I’m using Dali Ikon 2s but will in the near future look for replacing them with something more aesthetically pleasing to the wife, like the Sonus Faber sonetto 1 or 2.