Have you used a high end PC on your DVD or Pre-Pro

I am interested if anyone has tried a high end power cable using an adapter for their DVD player or Pre-Pro. Did you notice much difference from the factory supplied cord? I realize that it is usually necessary to use a C7 adapter to fit the IEC connector on the after market cords.d
I used a very nicely home-made Audio Asylum recipe power cord that Dave Pogue had laying around. It uses nice, thick Belden cable and high-quality connectors on either end. The IEC end fits snugly, very nice.

I used it to power my Denon 3910 DVD player and it did provide a noticeable improvement - not Earth shattering or jaw-dropping, and my wife didn't burst into the room extolling the virtues of the new sound. The cat yawned.

But Dave and I both agreed that it did seem to extend and tighten up the bass a bit. I wouldn't pay more than $75-100 for such an improvement, and Mr. Pogue graciously asked for far, far less - it was a freebie.

The Denon has since been replaced by an Oppo 983 and the power cord was kept to power the Oppo. I have no idea if it is any better than the stock Oppo cord, never did any comparison listening.

What pre/pro do you own that uses a C7 power cord?? I have updated the power cord on my cable box which uses a C7 connector, I can't say it did much, but colors are a bit better with it than without it.

As for DVD/CD players, all mine use good cords, I run older PS Audio Statements or Audience Au24, both seemed to smooth out the upper end and tighten bass and are worth it in my mind.