Have You Tried the Super Platter

Has anyone tried the new VPI Super Platter yet? I am purchasing an Aries 3 and may upgrade to the super. Net additonal cost is $900... Money well spent?
Stickman, I upgraded the platter on my VPI TNT-6 during January, and I do believe the heavier "Super Platter" offers a worthwhile improvement in the sound of the VPI turntables. You will get more bass weight and authority out of the turntable with the heavier platter.

That being said, I also recently upgraded the standard belt-drive system on my TNT-6 to the new rim drive mechanism. The improvement in the sound of the turntable resulting from the new drive mechanism is dramatic. In my opinion, the improvements in performance brought about by the new rim drive mechanism are greater and even more worthy of incremental investment than the Super Platter. I believe that the rim drive mechanism is currently available only for the VPI turntables that use the HRX dual-motor flywheel system, but I understand that VPI will be introducing the new drive mechanism for the Aries some time this summer.

So, in short, I believe that the Super Platter, and the rim drive (along with the SDS motor controller that will allow you to calibrate the platter speed properly) are both worth the incremental money. I consider the new drive mechanism essential, while I would put the Super Platter into the category of a worthy upgrade.

Hope that helps.
I agree completely with Cincy-bob. I have a Superscoutmaster tricked out with the super platter and rim drive and both are worthwhile upgrades with the rim drive being a very dramatic improvement
Stringreen-Just wanted you to know that I purchased a sealed copy of the Gordon Lightfoot LP on Ebay that you referred to in your other post on the VPI rim job. I will listen to the cut you referred to in order to see if I can hear what you did after you installed the rim job on your Superscout master. Again, this will be on my VPI TNT MKIII (which has one hell of a composite platter)which is basically stock except for the new 300rpm motor (which I can't hear any improvement over the 600rpm motor).
By the way, I don't know whether it's true or not, but I heard a number of years ago that the reason Harry went to the all-acrylic platter at the time he introduced the HRX and the inverted bearing was that the original version of the bearing and thrust plate could not handle the weight of the older-style heavier platters. If true, then I gather that the new Super Platter, which, as Mepearson observed in another thread, appears to be a return to the older-style heavier platters, is evidence that Harry has found an inverted bearing and thrust plate design that can handle the weight of the platter without running into problems with wear/reliability.
No. Save your money buy a used Aries I platter from someone and ask that Harry deliver the unit x platter.
Mepearson - You will enjoy the album. I got it about 20 years ago because it was in a top 10 best recorded LP's - Editor's Best from The Absolute Sound. Also there is Antarctica by Vangelis, Opera Sauvage by Vangelis and a number of others I can tell you about. Enjoy your new purchase
Probably one reason VPI even came with the Super Platter, was the frosted acrylics just weren't cutting it, no matter how pretty the turntable looked.

Looks can perhaps hoodwink a person into believing thier rig is so good, when in fact a stock Aries 3 might not sound that much better than an old HW-19Jr with Tomato Can-Plinth SAMA.

IMO, VPI has made good products, and some decent strides in thier past, and have also lately gotten very good at selling the fool public upgrades to the upgrades. I've been a VPI backer for 11 years, but not anymore. When Sheila W. answers the phone like a rabid pit bull, won't give you the right time of day, and Harry of course cannot participate in any forum, cause he's like a loaded gun, I think my next purchase will NOT be VPI, maybe Sota, or Galibier, folks who take interest in me! Mark
Agreed, the telephone at VPI is at times connected directly to the trigger of an IED. However, I've always had good luck with emails directly to tech support.
I have talked to Harry at VPI on the phone several times and I must say that he is a wealth of information and one of the nicest guys I have ever talked to. I own a VPI Aries 2 extended TT with JMW 12.5 arm and ZYX Atmos cartridge. I know many people think the "boutique" brands of turntables are much better than VPI's, but I am very happy with mine. I have had the opportunity to hear many turntables, but I love the sound of my VPI. For the money, they are hard to beat. Maybe some of the uprgrades are not worth the coin they cost, but the rim drive sure sounds promising.
I must agree with Slowhand. I've talked to Harry, Sheila, and Mike many times, and they always were interested in my question, and provided help that always worked. When I first got the rim drive, the arm shook, and dipped = always stayed in the groove, but it looked awful. Harry said that the ring around the rim drive had to seat...it would take 2 days, and damned it - in 2 days, the arm was and is quiet...doesn't even look like its moving. One of quite a few issues, but always resolved.
After about 12 years of owning VPI Gear, I have never gotten the chance to speak personally with Harry W. As folks say, he may very well be the nicest guy in the world, this I don't know? It is almost akin to trying get Shaolin Kung Fu lessons from the Grandmaster himself, when all you are is a Green Sash. It's like he cannot be bothered by such "trivia, and insignificance".

All I know, is when I get a woman on the phone there, it's like hitting a brick wall, and this shouldn't be. If it is Sheila, then maybe they should hire somebody who possesses some better people skills.

One shouldn't have to be wearing "The secret Decoder Ring" to get past this snafu, and get somebody who can help you with real tech advice (Mike) or know what current inventory is (Mike again)

Mike's a sweetheart, I cannot say enough good about him, and I'm sure both the Weisfields are great people as well, as I have been kindly taken care of in the past by these folks.

I do get the impression somewhat, they have somehow gotten too big for thier britches (and I could be very wrong about this assumption), but I am wise enough to as well understand, that we all have our bad days, and perhaps the times I've called was not a good time?

VPI always has made very good products, at what I feel were reasonable prices. Sure, they could've been better IMO in some areas, and a company such as this should not appear strained, or wore thin, due to lack of "heads" in a company.

I laugh sometimes, when a certain company of "one" claims "We this, and We that", when there is no "We", it's a one man Army! lol Mark
I personaly would never call a company direct.If i had a buisness to run the last thing id do is waste time on guys who should be going to dealers for advice.
Besides what makes a vpi not worth owning?a bad secratary?
I want a good product for a fair price vpi seems to deliver this.
I personaly own a sota that cant keep the right speed.Bugging the designer about it wont fix it.