Have you tried Red Wine?

I have been using a Red Wine Audio Clari-T amp with my Zu Druids and a sub. Fantastic performance. Without the sub I felt it was quite good but a little wimpy on the bottom. Now I have big time performance from an inexpensive battery powered low power amplifier. I would like to know if others have had similar results and has anybody tried the new Signature 30 I'm thinking about buying?
I prefer the Cabernet Mono's on my Crystal speakers, however the Merlot Integrated on the Tulips is quite piquant as well.

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I have a Clari-T driving my Bastanis Prometheus... it's a perfect match because the Prometheus have powered woofers so the T amp doesn't have to handle the bass (which is a known weakness). I'll probably upgrade to the Sig 30 once funds permit it as the initial reports sound very positive. Most likely that'll be after I get a chance to hear it for myself at RMAF later this year.


I just received the new Signature 30 on Friday. Even though T amps are supposed to sound ratty out the gate, this one didnt, and it is improving almost hourly to reveal a sound that actually mimics a very good SET type presentation in terms of liquidity and the overall single ended gestalt, minus the dimensinal cues endemic to single ended triode amplification. Its ability to provide a new level of amp resolution, while infusing the material with a new level of energy is astounding even in the early going. SET amps don't come close in the bass energy dept., and this thing has the rise time of fork lightning, but tempered, and warmed by a pair of 2.5uF Jensen/Audio Note coupling capacitors. The amp-board is custom designed and built as well, and the outcome is really stunning. I am using Omega SuperHemps, and Visaton B200's, -two per side, on open baffle.
Have the little "baby" integrated (6 watter). Cool product. Punchy, revealing. Ordered the new "big brother" (30 watter). Will have in a few days. I use with Omega. I'll let ya know my impressions in a few weeks.
Can anyone comment on how do these amps compare with other "Class D" or switching amps, such as the ICE, UcD, and Nuforce products?
The only D amp I have used other than my Vin Rose is the Rowland 201 with Ice Power and a lot of experimentation took place between these experiences. Off the top, however, I would credit the Clari-T with higher resolution and a more lively presentation. The Ice had better bass but that may be due to having more than 40 times the rated output.
I had to find out for myself, so I called Vinnie this morning and ordered a Sig 30 and a DAC. Last week I received the Zu Definition Pro speakers like Srajan uses and I'm hoping that the new Red Wine amp works as well with them as he says. Does anyone have any more info on their Signature 30 experience?
Good for you Macrojack !!

I haven't heard the Sig 30 myself. But from the comments on Audio Circle it's a winner! I only have experience with the ClariT and RWA Teac from Redwine Audio.

With the help of a good friend, I'm finally about to have my battery powered 50 wpc 8 ohm,100 wpc 4 ohm T amp completed in the coming weeks. 30 battery wpc isn't enough for my speakers as I discovered when auditioning the RWA Teac.

I've always felt the PIO caps could be the magic bullet for these amplifiers. I opted for the Mundorf Silver PIO caps to be used as coupling caps in my integrated instead of the Jensen(mainly due to the cost). My unit will also use a Endler 24 step 4k ohm attenuator instead of the DACT. I'll have 12 SLA batteries wired up in a custom made maple stained wood chassis ( had to match my speakers LOL) using the 2022 chip instead of the TK2051( found in the Teac and Sig 30). It will also have the Eichmann Gold CablePod binding posts instead of the basic gold plated brass post.

Definitely not a copy of the Sig 30, as I started this project over a year and half ago. I just never seemed to get it completed..until now. The Sig 30 review gave me new hope in having this amplifier finished.

I found the ClariT more pleasing too my ears than the modified Teac. FWIW the ClariT doesn't have the deep bass because of the chips original design. If I remember correctly ..it was the original coupling caps value which impeded the amplifier from having bass below 100 Hz or so. This shouldn't be a problem with the Sig 30.

When using powered subs it is much more difficult to hear the true frequency response of your amplifier and source IME.

Good luck with your new toys!
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Excellent Gmood1!!! Do you have pics? I'd love to see your setup. I built a similar power supply for my UcD's, but at +/-48v. I cheaped out and used Burled Walnut veneer on mdf though :-)))
Hi Gordus,
I will post some pics as soon as I get the unit back from Utah. I'm very excited about this amplifier! I hope it can at least match the sonics of my Audio Sector integrated. Hopefully it will exceed the Op chip amp! :-)

This is something the ClariT nor RWA Teac could do. With over $500 just in parts, it should be several steps a head of these two units. Not that better parts will always equate to better sound,but I'm sure it doesn't hurt.;-)

Gordus that's a lot of power for batteries!!! I've read the UcD's are excellent amplifiers in the right systems also. In the future, I hope to be lucky enough to hear one.

By the way, thanks for sending me the Empirical Audio modified Electrocompaniet ECD-1! If people think digital is fatiguing, they haven't heard a Dac like this one!
Small world GMood :-) and I thank you for the sending the Red Wine Teac and SN's! What would we do without that lonely dog, eh?
I run the Druids with Flying Mole class-D monoblocks (100wpc). I love the sound - very clear, very low noise, slamming bass. I've modded the Moles with BG input coupling caps, Multicap PP output caps (it's the only film cap I could get to fit easily), bypassed volume control, IXYS HexFRED rectifer, Cree SiC switching diodes, better binding posts and RCA jacks. They run cool, and I leave them on 24/7. Great value for the money IMHO (~$400 each unmodded).
I have a Suprateck Chenin on order to see what putting tubes in the chain will do for me.
I had a pair of the Flying Moles. The only modification did to them was bypassing the volume control. I'm sure your modded versions are much better than stock. I found mine too analytical and bright on the speakers I used at that time. They were clear though ..I'll give them that. Those BG caps do wonders for sound! I'm sure your mods brought some balance to these little amplifiers. I've ran mine on a friends Eminent Techs 85 dB efficient Hybrids. The Moles ran them pretty darn well and sounded good doing it. I never really understood what class amp the Moles are...D class or what?

Gordus, I don't know what we would do without that old lonely dog. He's as good as they come!
The Moles are class D switching amps, run at a very high frequency. As I did the mods, I listened intently for changes at each step. The BG caps extended the high frequencies, making them sound even brighter, but when I added the Multicaps to the output instead of the little stock stacked film caps, the bass improved dramatically and the entire presentation became much more balanced. I wouldn't do the BG input mod without also doing the output mod - I used the Multicaps because they have a flattened shape and can lay across the tops of the switching diodes so I can get the covers back on; other PP caps were just too big to fit into the very small case.
Suspense is killing me. I ordered my Sig 30 on July 3 and received an email from Vinnie last night saying mine should be completed and shippied by the end of next week.
If he's that busy already when scarcely anyone has even heard about this piece, it looks like the waiting list on these will be very long indeed once the word gets out.
Dmason- You've had yours for about a month. What's the latest assessment?
I'm still interested in the tripath chip. I bought a Sonic Impact last year but didn't like it all. I hated the tonality...thought it was very "off" or to put it another way, very odd. Do Vinnie's products correct this?
The Signature 30 arrived at my front door 3 days ago and it is as Dmason says. Fast and gentle sounding. Emphatic about presentation and as articulate as the real thing. Every sound is conveyed as a distinct entity. I can't really support the SET similarity claim due to insufficient personal experience with those type of amps. But I can second the recommendation. This little bugger is sweet and user friendly beyond anything I've ever seen or heard. There is supposed to be a very significant improvement after you reach the 100 hour mark. I look forward to that but honestly don't care if it never happens. This amp is a long term keeper as are my ZU Definitions. I'm all set on wiring and I just picked up Vinnie's wonderful little DAC along with the Sig 30. The only thing I may want in the future is a music server and my buddy Vinnie has that covered too.

I am interested to hear a fuller review of the amp now it should be fully run in.

Thank you
You're right- it should be fully run in by now. But I don't recall any heartstopping moment when the lights came on and the veils were drawn back.
I'm hardly a skilled or qualified reviewer so I'll refer you to the 6moons review that prompted my purchase.
All I can say is that it is the smoothest, most detailed and quietest amplifier I have ever experienced. There is a backorder situation but there is also a refund/trial period option, so I would advise you to just buy one and see if you want to be the first person to return one. Vinnie is very concerned that his customers be happy and will go to great lengths to insure that you are.
As long as your speakers are reasonably efficient, you should not find anything lacking in a Signature 30.
I now have two of them.