Have You Tried Cabledyne Interconnects?

They are offering promotional prices right now. I can find no reviews of their products. Would you recommend taking a chance on them? I'm thinking in particular of some balanced 1-meter interconnects for $205.

"Our Design Philosophy
Cabledyne cables are a synergistic assembly of precision component parts based on our specific engineering and performance testing requirements. Our products reflect many years of in-field use and positive customer feedback. We sell only one cable line, our very best product.

Solid copper flat-wire conductors: Super-refined 6N monocrystal copper has a superior sonic quality compared to silver, gold, palladium, and plated conductors. The monocrystal structure allows unimpeded signal propagation by eliminating grain boundaries. Flat-wire has lower distortion and better high frequency extension than ordinary round wire. We employ only optimally sized single conductors per phase as multiple conductors create time smearing of the audio signal.

Fluoropolymer dielectrics: Hyflon MFA air core tubing with no fillers for the absolute lowest signal dissipation next to a perfect vacuum.

True EMI shield: Our exclusive Inconel cable sheath is a passive shield that prevents damaging noise-induced currents. The durable, non-magnetic metallic sheath also prevents additional signal dissipation loss of plastic cable jackets (PVC and braids).

Select connectors: Sonically screened and design matched plugs and spades by Cardas, Wattgate, Furutech, Heico, Hubbell, and KLS. Termination methods employ machined-crimped contact points (where applicable) and soldering with eutectic formulated solder. Power products are cryogenically treated."
They tell me by email that with their cables: "No lengthy burn-in is required due to the high purity copper wire. Typically after 8 hours of use, our cables become more liquid and continue to sound better over time."
Does this sound reasonable?
New kid on the block? Looks good for the money. As far as burn, 8 hours is nothing compared to 200 hours for most others. Still, I like around 100 hours to be sure.
Oh, but these are copper cables which really don't need much time, YMMV. I have had a few Audioquest coppers that sounded great out of the box. Silver is another story and IME can take up to 400 hours.

Might be worth a listen with a 30-day return? Happy listening!
It will be interesting to learn how the dielectric sounds compared to FEP Teflon, and whether the connectors are brass.
there are MANY cable companies producing cable.

each one has a different design philosophy and there is a variation in the parameters that affect their performance.

many of the companies sell direct , while some have dealer networks.

i try to minimize risk. therefore, as has been suggested, if you can have a home audition of 30 days, it is worth a shot. you will pay for shipping of course.

if you buy blind, you will have a problem reselling the cables.

minimize risk i wouldn't buy the cable without a return policy. you can't quantify the odds that you will like the cables.
"Cabledyne is a consolidated group of companies with 14 years of commercial and specialty high-end audio cable manufacturing."

I'm curious as to who these companies are???
Every second another cable ill pass DUDE!!
I'm guessing they cut costs by using silver-plated brass RCA plugs. Like Ebm, I'll pass.

I own a pair of $700 Cardas Golden Cross interconnects that use the same Cardas silver plated RCA plugs. So I don't believe it has anything to do with "cutting costs.
Sonic_genius: Cardas plugs are silver-plated brass or copper. Both materials are non-magnetic. The copper ones sound good, and are expensive. Are you the Cabledyne guy?
Hell no, no affiliation with that company.

Cardas RCAs are all brass, no copper. Check out their site. I was able to scrape the edge of my RCAs (Golden Cross) and I see brass, not copper.



"Q.) Why not use copper RCA plugs, as opposed to low conductivity brass with silver plating and rhodium flash?

A.) The reason for brass is simple, you must keep the connector as much like the conductor that feeds it as possible. In the case of our RCA connectors, low current high impedance transfers are best served by small conductors. Large cross-section conductors ring and are of no positive value. Our RCA's conductor is essentially a thin silver tube (the plating) protected with a Rhodium surface, the low conductivity brass is simply good structure. In the case of speaker spades we use thick, ultra pure copper with a silver/rhodium plate to suit the high current, low impedance application. - George "

Good info, thanks. I'll be sure to avoid ICs with Cardas plugs.
Hello all,

Yes, we use the "brass body" silver plated RCA plugs that George Cardas uses in his top products. Since a 1m RCA pair is $195, high quality OFC (copper) plugs were price prohibitive.

We do listen to our customers and there are a few that want a copper plug. We now offer as an upgrade option the excellent Xhadow OFC silver coated RCA plugs. Additionally, we now offer unplated copper spades as an upgrade option for our speaker cables.

Ed Bowman
Thanks Ed for confirming this. I prefer silver cables, in fact I have owned a few that used the Cardas plugs and they sounded perfect. Xhadows are even better.
I think one of the partners was from Purenote Cables. The cables bare quiet a resemblence to some of their models IMO. I always liked Purenote.
here is what i would do. see if any of the cable products are selling on audiogon.

then decide if if the outlay is worth the risk of dissatisfaction with cable.

hopefully, if this occurs, you can sell them for a small loss.

also, if the manufacturer has a home trial program, you have more protection, in case you return the cable. your loss would consist of shipping cost and a possible restocking fee.
I saw this in another forum regarding Cabledyne. Does anyone know if this is true?

"Cabledyne is one of many cable companies who sell fake Chinese upocc/single crystal wire. The prices are ridiculously low, there is no way that wire could be produced using the OCC process.

Just so everyone knows, OCC process has been licensed to 3 companies worldwide, and if the product info says "single crystal" without mentioning "OCC" or "Ohno Continuous Cast", then it is most likely a fake as the OCC claim is copyrighted internationally.

Neotech has tried to get these fly-by-night Chinese companies shut down with little to no effect.

Even worse, some companies built their reputation using Neotech wire, then switched to the fake Chinese stuff, effectively duping their customers into buying an inferior product while keeping prices high. "
Here are the facts from Cabledyne founder Ed Bowman:

Cabledyne states on their product pages: "Cryo 6-nines purity solid monocrystal square wire: Continuous Directional Solidification process (similar to OCC) offers incredible detail and clarity." The keyword is "Similar" to OCC.

Link and info from their supplier: http://hnyoukwire.en.alibaba.com/company_profile.html

"Henan Youk Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is the largest electronic material enterprise in mainland China, based in Youk Engineering Research Center. We offer Copper Bonding Wires for Semiconductor Devices, High Purity Single Crystal Copper (4N-7N) bars / wires (0.1mm-10.0mm), High Purity Copper/Single Crystal Copper fine wires (0.015mm-0.10mm), Copper-Tin Alloy and Cu/Sn fine wires (0.020mm-0.1mm), High Purity Single Crystal Silver (4N-6N), High Purity Single Crystal Aluminum (4N-6N), Giant Magnetostrictive Materials (GMM), GMM devices, Electronic Cables and services. With a leading position in metal R&D and industrial applications, we have established business relationships with some famous companies all over the world.

Our company has an outstanding scientific team, international advanced production equipment and management experience. The technology of Youk products has reached the international advanced level. Three core technologies have been patented. Our company has passed ISO9001:2002, ISO14001:2002 and OHS18001:2002 certifications. Products also passed RoHS, MSDS, SGS, and other certifications.

Youk has the only Vacuum Melting and Inert Gas Protecting Continuous Unidirectional Solidification Equipment outputting 500,000kg/year in China. The Equipment can completely prevent the oxidation and secondary pollution of metal smelting. Precise control has ensured the stability of single crystal copper bars/wires. Due to the excellent research and advanced detection facilities, such as Element GD, TEM, EBSD and thermal analyzers, Youk can improve the performance of single crystal copper products continually."