Have you tried any room treatments?

I see there are more and more comments in answer to different questions about treating the room rather than replacing gear. I wholeheartedly agree with this train of thought, but I'm wondering how many people have actually tried any treatments, and what they tried, or, more importantly what they thought was successful.

I first tried Sonex ten or fifteen years ago and was very happy with the results. Right now I have acoustic foam on several reflecting points on the walls and ceiling. I also have a panel behind the amp, and between the speakers to help dissipate vibrations within the baffels(?) if that's what they might be called.

What have you tried, and how well did it work?
I'm using RealTraps MiniTraps bass trapping and Auralex 2" studiofoam in my room (my listening room doubles as my recording studio control room).

The difference is quite notable. Your room is part of your system and flattening your room's response as much as possible by treating unnecessary reflections, standing waves, low frequency modes etc is quite important. I still don't have my room ssounding quite as I'd like it and need to order some more treatments (keep in mind I'm doing critical audio production as well).

Even with in its unfinsihed state, my room has improved. The treatments I've tried thus far have improved bass clarity and extension, opened up the soundtage, and provided overall more tonal clarity--and I still have some problematic reflections at that.
Speakers well out into the room was the best change in my system. Jon Risch's (sp?) DIY bass traps are a fun and very effective project. I imagine the commercial ones are very good too. I have not much else to offer other than to say that since my recent move, I am a full believer that the room is as important if not more important than the system's components.

There were two stages to my room treatment. First, I strove to kill direct reflections behind the speakers. While I tried only treating the spectral points (i.e. the mirror reflection method), I found the more acoustic foam I used on the backing wall the better. Imaging increased with each successive step, finally leading to my lining the entire back wall with 4" pyramid foam (8 2'x2' tiles). Second, I increased difussion surfaces on the rear wall (wall facing the speakers). I placed several large pots with leaved plants along the back wall, each placed upon modest wooden tables. I also changed my curtains to a bamboo slotted type. But the most significan improvement came when I placed an array of semi-spheres along the back wall to diffuse the primary wave; it brought the ablility of my system to resolve micro-dynamics to a whole new level. I cannot say enough about that move.

I also have corner reflecters, but to be quite candid, they add little (to nothing) to increased system performance. I have also attempted to kill primary reflections from the side wall, in addition to the ceiling, however in both cases, the improvement was not worth the asthetic impact.

So nothing radical, save working on the two primary aspects of room treatment:

1) Kill the back wall reflections
2) Diffuse the facing wall reflections

Makes all the difference in the world.

I am presently using 8th Nerves roompack. The difference was quite noticeable. I have an odd shaped room. It was equivalent to an equipment upgrade.
Though expensive, it's very hard to top ASC Tube Traps. Used wisely, they make a tremendous difference in room response, image sharpness and bass definition.

I even tried removing the ASC traps, and bought a Tact RCS 2.0. Though the Tact is an ingenious device, the tube trap approach was still superior. I sold the Tact and never regretted it.

Treating side wall reflections with wall mounted panels is another very important step in my opinion.

Good Luck, and enjoy!
So far, my room treatments are:

1. Three dedicated lines - 10 ga Romex, with PorterPorts
2. RealTraps mini & micro bass traps & HF bass traps
with results noted by DRAM above.
I have been searching far and wide for WAF approved treatment and it hasn't been easy. I have had tremendous success with Machina Dynamica Brilliant Pebbles in my front wall corners at the floor. These have provided improved 3-D imaging, a more natural soundstage illusion (subjectively speaking of course), enhanced resolution, and improved dynamics. I know, these sound too good to be true, but real they are, phenomenal actually.

I am awaiting a pair of Shakti Hallograph Soundfield Optimizers, another controversial product to be sure. Hopefully they look good and sound great.
I use 48 custom designed and built panels. And, yes, I did consult with an audio engineer before treating my room. The room sounds great; makes it a lot easier to dial in speakers.
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I have them and they work as well aw sonex.