Have you seen this video? Very inspiring

This may have been posted already. If so, please forgive me.
It is one of my favorites.
Stand By Me around the world...
Very Cool!
I've seen that video before. Excellent! Some great singing and playing, plus a great concept.

Superb! Thanks for reminding me of it.....

that was fun!
I enjoyed that. Thanks for the link Oregon.
Fairly, I don't have a clue what is happening exactly in this video: are those musicians performing the music in real time with each other? I suppose there could be some lagging in time between the performers. Could you explain a bit?

Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing.
This is the work of Director Mark Johnson and Playing For Change Foundation. A CD and DVD is being released this month. You can check out the website at http://www.playingforchange.com/pop2.html
I've seen the core band and can only recommend trying to see them if they are around. Grandpa Elliot is amazing and the respect that this group of musicians and journalists have for music is truly intense. Many thumbs up.
So glad we can all connect with this wonderful video.
Vjay has provided some info which might explain.
My understanding is the filmaker choose a song, one that has meaning for everyone, everywhere. He may have shown the film to all the folks in the video, picking people who are playing in the streets around the world. Then he asked them to play their version of the song so that he could splice the film into one.
I can think of another great song. IMAGINE!
Hi Oregon, so in fact the clip is not filmed in real time, but rather is a mix of separate clips altogether? I thought those wonderful musicians where playing in real time (and simultaneously) together, so you get a mix of all the singers and instruments within one recording/broadcast --> some sort of Ravel's Bolero, with the music showing "organic" growth. I don't have any technical background, that's why I'm asking.

I think it is rather more of a metaphor. It would not be possible to have all those singers in daylight if it was in real time. I think it is more in the idea of all of us joined together. just my opinion....................