Have you seen the NEW Panasonic tube car stereo?

Hey AudioGon's. Check out the photo at www.Audiocubes.com as they import the NEW Panasonic CQ-TX500D Vacuum-tube auto stereo.
It's dubble DIN in dash size. $949. It's not made for the US market, so it doen't cover all the US FM band. You need a FM converter which in included in the price. It's also in the July/August of the new men's CARGO magazine, page 64.

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If I were to put this in our car my wife would--to be accurate--really pissed off. She already can't get the Cd player in our living room to play when I have it set for the vintage (mono) tuner.

The other car(the one I drive) is a company car and I refuse to put a single penny into it.

Still, I do wonder how it sounds......
I don't know why more people didn't respond to this post. where are all the tube freaks? i just saw the unit and I WANT IT! beautiful...thanks for posting
Kublakhan, we are not responding because we've seen posts on this topic so many times before.

Besides, I mostly listen to talk radio in the car and the turntable almost exclusively now at home; ie, the CD collection is rarely heard and typically only for background music. The local FM jazz station gets more play than the CD player these days.