Have you purchased from New York Sound ?

While searching for a CD Player I came across this web site - www.nysound.com selling CD Players & Amplifiers from overseas manufacturers. Has any one here purchased from them ? Thanks for your input.
I have purchased a set of cables from him, while not the friendliest transaction I've ever had I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again in the future. He held up everything on his end of the transaction and had a great price.
Tireguy - Thanks for your quick note. Looks like they have good prices on the products but their shipping rate seems to be outrageously expensive. Somehow it didn't make any sense.
I have not dealt with them, but from what I gather by reading a few posts on Audio Asylum, it seems like you are paying for shipping from the country of manufacture. In certain cases like the Shanling CD players, you receive a CD player designed for overseas play and must use a transformer for the player to work properly in the US.

Regards, Rich

They're shipping IS outrageously expensive because the sell equipment that the don't stock - They ship direct from the country of origin of the piece of equipment - China etc. I know this because I asked them about shipping from their location, in NY, to me, in NJ. LOTS of money. Not too sure they don't deal in gray market items as well. Beware.
Thanks Rich & Oldpet you answered my question. Will be careful if I decide to buy from them.