Have you noticed that

* Items that are �priced to sell� usually aren�t?
* Almost all used tubes have �about 100 hours� on them?
* About every other ad on Audiogon is for Tyler or Jolida?
* Some people sell what they claim to �love�?
* Almost everyone who bought a Musical Fidelity X-10V3 ends up selling it?

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Nope. I can't say that I've really noticed any of that.
Thanks for the smile. I agree with almost everything, with the exception of the last point. I guess I fall into the "ALMOST" category, as I recently bought a MF X-10v3 and DON'T plan to sell it. I am thoroughly enjoying what the X-10v3 adds to the sound of my CD/SACD playback, and wish I had discovered it several years ago...
I bought two and didn't realize it.
Wifey says no way. Ever ask before the fact? Ever say it stays?
Minty fresh. You selling gum now?

Thanks for a moderate chuckle.
to paraphrase groucho marx...'if we were any closer to the music, we'd be in back of it.' vacuum tubes are slowly headed down death valley from the moment they are first used. at 100 hours they must stay at a bed and breakfast for a while. .....when you consider that many hi-hi-hi end companies only sell a few hundred(if that) 'new' of any given model worldwide, the second and third sales-go-rounds on audiogon alone is unbelievable.....my all time favorite is the number of dealers info in stereophile. its always 5 to 15.
Brillant pebbles aren't......
The "clever lil' clock" isn't
well Stersophile seems to have a minimum 5 dealers rule but last month or month before was a review with no stated dealer number.....fishy.
All aside...this is all real obvious and in no way should seem shady....people love stuff and love a new idea more, people dress up there ads with whatever they can, tubes...well thats all an honesty thing and Tyler does have a few too many ads but he is a great guy doing direct sales, and Jolida I feel was a flavor of the month that ran its course.
When an ad says, "Won't last at this price.", what exactly does that mean?

I really didn't even know there was an audio museum, but there must be one, and they must be liquidating their collection. What else could explain the amount of gear from the 1970s and 1980s graded 9/10?

And when someone refers to "non-smoking", is he referring to the gear or the owner?

And what about all of this gear with religious names. Not just Judeo/Christian, but Easten religions as well. It's best that I do not get too specific, but you know who you are. I didn't even know that God needed power cables.....anyone's god.
As the original poster here, let me emphasize no disrespect was intended to Tyler or Jolida. They're smart to use Audiogon as a relatively inexpensive way to get the word out to an audience with guys like me who spend entirely too much time poring over the "New Today" list.

Thanks to those who understood that this post was made with tongue firmly in cheek, and thanks for the witty follow-ups.
Hate to sell, but need money for:
new house
knocked-up girl friend
I'm late, and my bookie is going to have my legs broken
Must sacrifice, need Parrot food immediatley.