Have you made your own cables? and do you use 'em

I have purchased and/or made cables for many years.
I have some that are 20 years old that I put together from Radio Shack RCAs and some "Mark Levinson" wire from a spool.
I have some Radio Shack 8mm oxygen free wire for Video connections.
But I also have plenty of Kinber PBJ. Kimber silver, a few purchased power cords (cheap ones!)
and some home made powercords...
My speaker cable is all Kimber 8TC.
Anyway, just curious who makes there own.
And do you also still buy?
I've made my own PCs some of which I still use. Most of them were made from OEM shielded PCs (Wadia, Levinson) where I interrupted the shielding at the IEC end to make the shield "floating" (OEM PCs, if the are shielded, are required by UL to have their shield connected to ground at both ends -- an automatic ground loop!)

I've reterminated many brand ICs to make them shorter, or change them fron RCA to XLR or vice versa, or to install better connectors, but never from bulk cable.

The cables I use now (Purist) cannot be duplicated by DIY.
I made my own silver foil speaker cables. They replaced home-made Cat5 cables (following the recipe by Chris VH). I still have the silver foils in place. The foils do sound good, but I'd like to compare them to some good commercial cables one day.

I used to use my own silver wire in Teflon tube interconnects, but Grover's silver ribbons sound a little better and cost only a little more than the raw material price.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I once made my own poor man's Nordost speaker cables using 32 conductor flat ribbon computer cable. And they were almost as good as the expensive version (which is my way of saying they sucked almost as much as the expensive version ;--)
Yes I have made Bees Wax coated CAT-6 speaker cables. They are still in my system and not going anywhere anytime soon. The Bees Wax coating takes DIY CAT 5-6 to a whole nother level. I've posted on this in detail before. I have used JPS Power AC cables for powercords in the past with good results on a Belles 400A amp and Morrison E.L.A.D. preamp, But DCCA power cords have retired me from the DIY power cord business for a while.
Made a few PC's using Belden 19364 14 ga. wire. Marinco or Wattgate ends. Still using them on power amp (Rega Maia 3), Rotel RCD-855 CDP and a vintage Sony VX5 Rec. Inexpense to make and sound just fine to my ears.
I've made dozens of different IC, speaker, power cords. Some my own brilliant design, some copies of internet site stuff.
Some silver, some plated, most copper. round wire, square wire, flat wire, solid, stranded etc. Some soldered, some crimped. All are in garbage. Presently using Pure Note Cerulean speaker, Ridge Street Audio Design IC on CD, old MIT T2 on surround analog inputs, Analysis Plus silver power oval on power amp. Has been much easier to get to sleep without multiple designs swirling about. Overall I prefer better Audio Note wire, expensive though, like most of the respected stuff out there. My very best wishes to you. Mike.