Have You Heard The Sound Burger?

Many years ago, Audio Technica came up with a portable device to play records called the Sound Burger. I was wondering if anyone has ever listened to one of these, and how it sounded if you have?

It seems like a great tool for taking to second-hand shops to test records for the background noise that you can't see on the surface.
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I had one but moved on to the more compact "Sound Hot Dog" which is smaller and moves across the record as needed to track the lp.
Hey U Dusty,

Years ago I remember seeing some "portable record playing devices". One looked like a little VW Beetle toy car. But, it had a phono needle on the bottom and a speaker in the top. I think it was battery powered. You sat it on the rocord and it "drove" around the record and played the record.

I'll bet these things are serious collectors items now. I wish I had bought one at the time.

BTW, there is a Cinci Audio Geekfest this weekend if you are interested. See my post on the Cincinnati Club forum.


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Talk about Synchronicity:


From todays Gizmodo blog.
No, but I'm always looking for a fur burger
It looks like the Trax is just a tiny turntable, whereas the Sound Burger is a clamp with a tonearm that swings out from the body of the device. Have you ever seen these for sale anywhere?

Do you think this would be helpful when buying used records, or would it just slow down the process?
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