Have you heard the REL Stampede or Strata 5 ?

Fellow Audio Lovers,
Has anyone actually seen or heard the newest sub bass systems from REL. I myself have been considering the Strata 111 but the idea of a more compact model sounds desirable to me. How do they differ or compare?
I also would like to know about the new Strata 5 and Stampede especially being used with Magnepan or similar speakers. The new remote control feature and display are definite +'s for me. Any feedback would be appreciated and I tried to find the prices, but with no luck.
Hello Bradz,
I wrote to REL recently and they told me that the Stampede and Strata 5 will not be released in the United States, but other models will be unvailed in the future but no date or pricing/specs/etc...... Too bad...the Stampede and Strata 5 are getting high marks in the UK..
The Stampede was available in the US earlier this year. I know that REL are optimizing a few models for the US market, and that's why they may be temporarily not importing them.

I did a home-demo of the Storm III (at least I think that's what it was - it was the $2000 model at any rate). I was very impressed with its ability to sit beside my Naim SBL's and not sound sloppy: this is a very fast, musical subwoofer. I didn't buy it in the end as the Stampede was more what I was after in terms of extension and power and I'm just going to wait to see what US-centric products REL comes out with.