Have you heard the new Zanden digital gear?

What was your impression? I've read reviews and manufacturer statements. All seem to make sense, optimizing 16/44 without trying to turn it into something else. Also tube output. The reviews seem quite positive but I'd like to hear some real world opinions.
I find the WAF ok but there's plenty of stuff out there that is better in that regard. IMHO.

I spent some time in the Zanden room at HE2004, I thought the speakers were the weakest link in that setup. I brought my favorite test disc along for the ride, and even the guy in the room wanted to take my disc off the system. It just couldn't handle low end bass at all. But anyway, thats a moot point for this thread.

I've been living with a Zanden MK3 for about a month now. For my ears, the Zanden is an experience that needs to be heard. I had a friend over to hear it, and his comments were that there was no trace of digital sound. The music definately has soul now, relaxed, dynamic, and full sounding. Detail is the best I've heard.

I'm still tweaking the setup, but I'm very pleased.
James1969, this is essentially in line with what I have read about the Zanden. What are you using for a transport?
I attest Jim's comment about Zanden. I have listened to his system for a few times and this DAC upgrade is beyond what I had expected. In short, I listened to the music, not the machine. I envy you, Jim! Ken