Have You Heard the New Stanley Clarke Trio LP?

I was browsing the LP bins at my local record store and I came across a new recording by the Stanley Clarke Trio entitiled "Jazz In The Garden". The other players are Lenny White (Return to Forever) on drums and Hiromi on piano. This is an all acoustic recording with Stanley playing acoustic bass. Every cut is fantastic! The best part is that it is on double 180 gram LP. This from a small independent label in Cleveland called Heads Up that up to now has put music out on cd only. I found out that only 750 pressings will be made on LP, so grab it while you can. I am glad to see small record labels that usually only make cd's are pressing LP's.
That's a Telarc recording which means it was digitally sourced. Have you compared the LP to the CD?

NO, but I know someone that just bought it on cd, so I will compare them.

I don't care that it is digital and not analog.

First of all, the music, and the players are all great.

The sound is great too. Music on my turntable always sounds better to me than from my cd player, so I am jsut glad they put it out on LP.
I picked up the LP. It sounds wonderful (vinyl a tad noisy) and the music is great. I would love to hear the pure DSD as
it should, in theory, best the vinyl.

BTW, I ordered through BestBuy.com