Have you heard the latest Classe amps???

What are your impressions?
I have the new (Delta) CA-2200 amp, this amp replaced a Pass X150.5. I had no complaints with the Pass, which has a reputation as a great amp and I concur. Anyway, with the little I compared the two I found them extreemly close, with maybe a touch, very small touch, more bottom end with the Classe. As time has marched on and more break in with the Classe, I feel the bottom end has tightend up more.

I do not regret the purchase of the Classe. I wish I could give you more, but there was more than just the amp changing at the time. Pass X amps are quite neutral, I would say the Classe is too, given how close I found the two in the little I compared.
have heard the 2200 ,very good neutral sounding amp top to bottom very good midrange excellent resolution,,then i heard the ca m 400 monos ,also excellent neutral sound top to bottom with excellent midrange no grain whatsover, so i wound up buying them amp is powerful and polite.when it needs to be and do not run hot,,both these delta series amps run Class A for 1/3 of their power rating which means around 65wpc for the 2200 and 130wpc for the m400,both into 8ohms and i dont think there will be that many occasions when them numbers are exceeded...