Have you heard the Klipsch RB-75 speaker?

In the July issue of SmartMoney Magazine, rocker Lou Reed, listened to 5 speakers including the Klipsch RB-75, Martin Logan Clarity, B&W 704, Infinity Primus 360 and the Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III. Reed reports he was astounded by the sound of the Klipsch and gave the Klipsch speaker the SmartMoney Award for the best sound because of its clarity, detail and ability to provide bass. I wish he would of listened to different music on several other speakers but that is another topic. Has anyone heard these $1,200 speakers and what are your comments? Thanks
No, I have not.
I saw that article at J&R's when in NYC recently. Instead listened to the RF35, a floorstander that sells for about the same $$. Being a somewhat jaded former audiophile (if such a thing is possible), I was pleasantly surprised. Then, back in Chicago I heard more of the floor standing Reference line and actually preferred them to comparable B&W 600 series speakers.

They are forward sounding, yes. But the larger ones have an authority and swagger like the real thing. As well as 90db+ efficient. I'd love to hear them with a nice tube amp next.
When I was trying out my speakers I heard the RB-75 and RF-75 and liked them both better than the comperable B&W speakers. I liked how the Klipsh sounded for rock much better than the way the B&W sounded for rock music. But in this price range teh speaker I like the best is the Sonus Faber speakers.
I listened to the RB-75's when purchasing speakers a year ago. They seemed to lack the midrange I was looking for. I bought a pair of Paradigm Studio 40 v.3's instead. They have a much clearer mid-range, along with a satisfying higher end and bass. The RB-75's had a bit more bass. The Paradigm and Klipsch's are the same price, at least in my neck of the woods.
All due respects to Mr. Reed, I would think that the Bose and Infinity were easy to disqualify.
I bought a pair used and am very happy with them. Have a nice smooth high end, not harsh even at high listening levels, no listening fatigue, very good performers with Carver Sig Sub sub in a 13 by 14 foot room, very detailed sound, heard things never heard before, great for percussion, no harsh cymbals, very efficient

sound stage a little smaller from horns but then you do not get muddled sound from early reflections, probably more of an ideal speaker for most home listening environemnts as few people have the room for speakers that require 1 metre (3 feet) from room boundaries

previously had thiels 3.5 sounded horrid in this room, very bright, harsh at high levels, high listening fatigue, was surprised Klipsch bettered this so called audiophile speaker

Klipsch name is not associated with serious listening now as it was before, take a look (listen again) again

Might I ask with what amp are you powering your Studio 40's to achieve satisfaction?

Right now My new Studio 40's are boxed and ready to go back for a trade in on a couple RF7's or RB75's.
With my 120 watt Sonograph amp running through a Denon reciever the highs are out of control and a very boxy sound in the mids exist. I also auditioned the Signature 40's with a Krell 400 integrated and noticed the same boxy sound.

.........................very frustrated.
I'm not frustrated anymore.........:^)

For two channel listening my new RF7's are just fine and Home Theatre is the best.
I am using a Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated with their a3.2 cd player. I am also using a Rel Strata III sub. For cables I am using Signal. I felt the RB- 75's are behind the Studio 40's in the midrange.
Though the Paradigm's sounded better to me than the Klipsch's I am hopefully going to upgrade speakers within the next year.
Thanks Valinar,

I now have the RF7's and am researching the many ways of amplification. Your M.F. integrated and CD player look like a a nice pair.

In the distant future I hope to have something from Tyler Acoustics. I've read many good owner reviews and there are many cabinet finishes to choose from. The unusual looks of their floor standing units are interesting too.
I just bought a pair. They were awesome in the store. WOW!
They should be here any minute...I will let you know. BTW...What is the best way to burn these suckers in?

I just played FM radio through my RF7's and they are fine.

Even though I went with the 7's I'd still be interested in hearing how you like them.
I purchased the RB 75 three months ago. Using them with Rotel RC 1070 pre amp and rb 1050 smp.I am not an audiophile by any stretch but I really am enjoying this setup. I have heard that the combination of Rotel and Klipsh makes for a 'bright' sound. I have wondered what ezactly the 'bright' meant. Jack