Have you heard the Goldring Ethos Cartridge?

Opinions please. 
The Goldring cartridges I have heard have been surprisingly good and I see no reason this one should not be excellent. It has a great stylus, a powerful magnet and a low internal impedance. Reviews are positive across the board. It is also a great cartridge for those contemplating a transimpedance phono stage. It may be the best value in a low impedance cartridge. The others I know are $5000 plus. I would not hesitate to buy one. I was seriously considering the 2500 which is a high output moving iron cartridge. But I am also planning on getting a Channel D Lino C which is a transimpedance phono stage and the Ethos would be a strong consideration.
Thank you!

Yes, I had a Goldring years ago on a Roksan turntable.  It was spectacular for the money.  I'm wondering if this cartridge can really compete with carts in the $2-3k range.  My sense is it can. 
I have an Ethos.  It betters the EAT Jo No. 5 (which I really like) in resolution and dynamics in my system.  It's the first Goldring cartridge I have owned and so far I'm pretty happy.

I'm wondering if this cartridge can really compete with carts in the $2-3k range.  My sense is it can.

Then you have to compare it to make sure. 
In $2-3k range you can find absolutely amazing cartridges (old and new) with some unique features, materials, design. 
Yes Chakster, that’s the way to do it. Problem is carts are tough to audition. We always take a leap of faith.  
Thank you WBS. that is helpful!
The Ethos is good value for money. It has a good balance of resolving details but still being musical. I use it to listen to Classical Violin Music and Mainstream. It will not have the resolving power, dynamics  and depth of stage like a Lyra Kleos and will not be as expressive as a Benz Gullwing in Jazz. 
If I only had 1 Cartridge to choose from the Ethos would be high on the list because its a very good allrounder.