Have you heard the Acoustic Reality digital amps?

Just when I thought that the Spectron was the amp for me, I hear some whispers of another really good sounding digital amp, the Acoustic Reality. They have two actually, a stereo amp and a mono block pair. They use "ICE" technology, developed by B&O. If you've heard either of these, I'd like to know how they compare to the Spectron, or even some of the other digital amps. Thanks.
The amp and preamp were demo'd at a Chicago Audio Society meeting for us. While these were under less than ideal conditions, they were measurably better than another digital amp ( don't remember make & model ) and a Stan Warren modified Adcom amp. Not familiar with them enough to really make any other further comments. Sean
I haven't heard them, but Ric Shultz at Electronic Visionary Systems (EVS: www.tweakaudio.com) liked them enough to be a dealer. I believe he may even have a demo for sale.

I respect Ric trremendously, have had 3 of his products (2 mod's, one DAC).

My 2 cents.
Sean, I don't know what you mean by 'measurably better' as there was no test equipment in sight, but I accept your favorable opinion. One criticism I have is that connections are recessed into a small triangular well in the bottom of the amp, making use of many cables impossible - the mono amps were demonstrated upside down, which may serve to illustrate. I hope they will address this issue in the future. The amps run cool.

Brian Walsh
I should have said "sonically superior" rather than "measurably better". Thanks for clearing up what might have been taken as a misconception Brian. Otherwise, i agree with your comments about connections. I had forgotten all about that and am glad that you mentioned it. This could be a major "sticking point" for someone that purchased the amps without ever seeing them. Sean
Any more info anyone?
try acoustic-reality.com