Have you heard or own the Shakti Hallograph

I don't see much on the AudiogoN Forums about the Shakti Hallograph's. This is the BEST, a Five Star world class room treatment device...."it works" is an understatement.
It addresses,.. no "solves" the wall behind the speakers reflections and comb filtering distortion and cancellation.
A Wonderfull piece of Acoustic Engineering.
Simply Excellent and most Highly Recommended.
Jim C.
Audiophile/ Musician( Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Oboe ).

The Hallographs work, guys, and if you haven't tried them, and are commenting on them without empirical evidence...well, stay out of the line of detective work (my field).
The price? Well, look, if people can charge $15k for speaker cable and some of the prices for these speakers, why are these devices getting your dander up?
I had them a couple of years ago and they did exactly as they were advertised to do. I would've kept them, but Connecticut got two enormous (28") snowstorms two weeks apart and the ceiling cracked, so I had to repair it and returned the Hallographs.
I also agree they must be carefully placed, but that's no different than Tube Traps, where as little as 1/32" turn can lessen ambience and transients as well. Room acoustics are very complicated, but I doubt HP put these in his Editors Choice for the fun of it.
Are they really up to $1,700 now?!?! Jesus! They were $1100 back in the beginning of 2011.

In case u missed my post, I extensively audtioned the hollographs, and while they changed the sound significantly, in my system in wasn't for the better.

If anyone is considering these, Buy with right to return or used at enough of discount to resell with minimal loss.

How do Shakti Hallograph work for you today?
I use SteinMusic Harmonizer, Bybee ARN, SR HFT with a big improvement. Do I need to try Hallograph?