Have you heard or own the Meadowlark Blue Heron 2?

Looking for input on how the Meadowlark Blue Heron 2 compares to the Discontinued Blue Heron. Is there a large difference between the two models sound wise?
Seeing know one knows anything about the Heron 2. What would you think of the Wilson Sophia instead of the Meadowlark?
I've got the Blue Heron 2's and have had several pairs of the older Blue Herons. Make sure if you hear these anywhere that they are fully broken-in. They sound so good early on that most are very happy with them, but for those who have had longer term exposure to much pricier products they need to be fully broken in to give up their stuff. My reference system is very neutral and tonally pure which makes differences very easy to hear. The newer version has improved performance across much of the criteria Pat uses to judge a speaker, they came out right and will do everything well. You needed to hear them at CES after hours at disco pounding levels with a Rogue Zues to believe the massive dynamics these are capable of for such an absolutely refined speaker. I use 1600 watt Belles monoblocks and have never come close to the sound levels that were happening in that little room.
I forgot to mention that the Wilson Audio you would compare the Blue Heron 2's to wouldn't be the Sophia, it would be the Watt/Puppy 7's, roughly same driver compliment