Have you heard of Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and Why no Tsuyoshi Yamamoto albums on Vinyl???!!!

Man, I just started listening to this guy but only one album is available on Tidal. He's the real deal if you like jazz.

Why are there no Tsuyoshi Yamamoto albums on vinyl? 

Ok, maybe I should tighten that up--

Why are there no Tsuyoshi Yamamoto albums under $100 on vinyl? 

There are a couple of 45 doubles available at APO:


I own them and a couple of others.  Quite nice.
Without getting into the CD vs vinyl debate, I own most of his CDs. I agree. He is really good.
Excellent discs in both CD and SACD.
Happy Listening!
I enjoy both the LP's and CD's etc.
My favorite is Midnight Sugar.
One really needs to look hard for a good price.
Thanks All! 

Yes, Midnight Sugar does not come cheap.  I'm looking for that one now.  I think it's gonna be north of $100.
He’s incredible.  His sacd/cd’s do sound amazing, and I’m a vinyl guy.