Have you heard of Block audio monoblock amplifiers


There is a Czech company called Block Audio...  They make monoblocks with great  specs. They've been around since 2013 but it seems they're very unknown.

Has anyone checked them out and do you have fair input about their performance ?

I have the raidho td 4.8 speakers and would love the gryphon antileon or memphisto amps, but I wonder if these would be anywhere near as good.

Heard them at Axpona 2019. Gorgeous looking and well made but they had them playing Block Audio monitors so couldn't get a good sense of what was going on. The setup really didn't impress but again this was in show conditions

I'm considering pairing them with the raidho td 4.8 but have no basis to say they'd play well.
The other option is the gryphon essence, which have been vetted as a good match.

Any info is greatly appreciated.