Have you heard Damien Rice live at Fingerprints?

I just purchased Damien Rice live at Fingerprints, and it is awesome. The label says it was recorded live, straight from the mikes. Does anyone have any further information about how this was recorded? The music is great and the sound quality is reference quality. If you have not heard it yet and you like acoustic rock, you should get it.
Hi Tbromgard,Not only is his music fantastic all of his recordings generally sound great on a revealing system!
Just got a sampling on Amazon and moved it into my Wish List. Thanks for the lead!
I discovered O a bit ago and it's in heavy rotation. Agree with you guys about both the music and the recording. I have the Bsides album too but not the live.

Very talented artist.
If you like Damien Rice check out Josh Ritter, especially the song Wings on Hello Starling. A bit more folky but great artist and recorded as well as O. Also one of my favorite albums ever Sufjan Stevens "Seven Swans".