Have you heard Crystal Bowersox?

If like Janis Joplin or Bonnie Raitt and haven't been watching American Idol, you should go to YouTube and check out Crystal Bowersox.



she's easily the most talented contestant, IMO.
I never watch American Idol so thank you for this. That girl has got some pipes on her!
My take is she is the best talent I have seen on American Idol..Very natural talent.....She is a shoe in to be a star..
I bet half the bar bands in the country are trying to contact her.
ok...i shamefully admit that i watch american idol. i agree, this chick can sing and i respect her integrity as an artist as well. i happen to think siobhan magnus is just as talented if not more. her version of paint it black was astounding. she is a victim of the shows way of corrupting an artists heartfelt calling and getting caught up in trying to appease all but damn she is talented.
Siobhan Magnus? Talented? You've got to be kidding. She's a one-trick pony. She can only scream out some high notes, which are meant to distract you from the fact she can't sing. She's mostly sings out of tune. Before she can be considered talented she's gonna' need lots of voice lessons.

Bowersox, on the other hand, is truly talented. She's head and shoulders above the other contestants. She's the kind of singer that appeals to lots of people, and I would buy an album she recorded. She absolutely reminds one of Joplin, Raitt and Crow.
Raks, No. Half the bar bands in America want to contact Lee DeWyze.



Yes Siobhan Magnus is something else


And Andrew Garcia has some unique potential


OK, I am a sucker for this.
Richard. I'm with you on Siohhan. Very quirky and IMHO very interesting. At the end of the day, I suspect that she'll do the most interesting stuff of the bunch

BTW, I always enjoy the show - even when the performances come up short (which is as often as not). The effort is always there. That alone makes it fun for me. Just MHO
She seems to have the most natural talent and appeal. I think she is going to win!
siobahn appeals to folks like me who are not into the artists you list (joplin, raitt, crow...). that stuff is old and tired to me and things have come a long way since those ladies. for the indie crowd and those who can see beyond the scream, she is the most artistic character left. while i'm ranting about the show, it really saddens me to see what mainstream america prefers to listen too. it also gives a window into how artists can be quickly stripped of their talent and bend for dollars.

i did love casey, or kc or whatever his name is version of jealous guy last night. he is also very talented and would be a great acoustic, alt country guy. my wife loves lee's voice.
My wife watches the show so sadly I have seen it many times. I agree with Richard, Bowersox is talented but her style does not appeal to me in the slightest. She is more of a one trick pony, sure she sounds like Joplin but that is all she has.
If Crystal Bowersox had been disqualified in the season that she has a great chance to win the show, would be a shame for all. Of course, this would have been a blow to Crystal, single mom with a desire for a great opportunity. It would have been a blow to the season 9 of "American Idol."
I don't usually watch Idol myself, but have heard her singing while my wife was watching the past few weeks.
I also agree that she is a "natural" and far more talented than most of the contestants I have heard on the show the past few years. If she does not win....SHAME on the judges and voting public!
I predict Bowersox has already won, a big recording contract at least. She really appeals to my college age kids and their friends, and I have to say I think her arrangements of old pop, r&b and rock classics sound really fresh, not dated at all. Last night she performed the Beatles "Come Together" on her guitar accompanied by... a didgeridoo. And it actually worked.

With the move towards allowing contestants to perform with their guitars or on piano, I find this seasons show to be much more interesting in general. It never held my attention before, but this year I can watch some of it and find myself curious to see what a few of the contestants are going to do next. The sixteen year old boy (who looks more like he is thirteen) actually has a great voice too.