Have you heard 'Boy & Bear'?

Try them! Great new music from this band. They only have 2 albums that are equally good. I simply cant listen to their song 'The Storm' without repeating it.
Thanks Mike! I will take a listen.
What type of music? Who do they sound like?
I wasn't really moved by that particular song, but I listened to several others on you tube and their own webiste, and I liked it enough that I will buy it. Thanks for the heads-up.
They are very good!I found them thru Amazon ,along with another band named Loch Lomond,Album entitled,Little Me Will Start A Storm,
Came across this band at youtube.com
Rabbit song is ok. A special track you recommend?
Had a glitch so hope this does not post twice.
I would describe their style as alternative light rock/folk. Their recordings have an airy spacious sound with great detail, extension, and dynamics. I also did not think their song 'The Storm' was a stand out until i heard it on my rig -- it is great. Cant really think who they sound like but maybe others can.