Have you heard a PC played through a DAC?

Lately I've noticed some DAC's have a input for your PC. Are any of these models high-end? I'd like to feed high-sample rate (256k or higher, NOT mp3's) music from my PC to my pre-amp using one of these DAC's. Also, what is the best cd TRANSPORT for a PC. Ideally, it would be read/writable but read-only would be great. (From what I've seen lately, I may not have a choice). All help appreciated.
you can use a high end dac with a pc if you buy a good sound card either one designed for mixing or a high end sound blaster that has a coaxial digital output that will feed 16/44 digital signal to any audo dac.
i run my "high end" sound blaster through with toslink
connectivity, it has a front panel thats hooked up with a toslink cable to a soundstream dac. outputing digital signal only.
the outcome is not that exciting.
when i'm into serious listening , i cant stand the pc fan noise in the backgroud , so it's got to be off.