Have you had repair issues on Spectral SDR-2000?

I have a Spectral SDR-2000 that is in need of repair again. It's been 2 years since the last repair. This time, there seems to be either a voltage variance or current anomoly in the left channel. The problem progressed from a small pop that seemed to be external emi to a total drop of signal to the preamp after about 3 hours of operation. I am very worried there is a larger catostrophic issue involved. If you have any thoughts, please let me know
yes, good luck on repairs because you will need it. Here will be the outcome:

1. they will come back with a bill for $2000 if you are lucky
2. the clueless wonder there will "fix" it but will be broken in another month
3. good luck with calling them as they will come back with excuses!

If you are interested...I will fax you my repair bills and you can go from there. Welcome to my pain and welcome to your nightmare...
Workerbee, what were the repairs they made to your unit? I have had many spectral components and this is my first repair problem.

It went in about 2 years ago and they replaced a few diodes, I have a feeling there is a charge accumulation upstream they did not get...

Mark has been very helpful at this point, but I haven't seen the bill!!!!!!