Have you found audio nirvana?

I have been an audiophile and music lover for about 60 years. The # of systems that I have had are too numerous to count. Live music concerts both classical and jazz are frequently attended as well as the CES to hear all or most of the high end equipment. I discovered Merlin speakers over 15 years ago and found them to be very musical. The first Merlin I had was the 4B, then the Excaliburs then the VSM's in their various iterations. The latest, VSM-MXe has surpassed all my expectations of a speaker and I don't think I'll be looking for a new one for a long, long time. The other night I went to a concert for the 20 year memorial to Jaco Pastorius. The next day I played a couple of CD's of Jaco that I had picked up at the concert. It was the first time I had gone to a live concert and then wasn't disappointed listening to the recordings.
My associated equipment which makes this sing is an AA Prima CDP, Joule preamp and amps, Cardas wire and a bunch of tweaks.
Usual disclaimer: I have no connection to the audio industry or any manufacturer.
Oh ya, for some years now. That said, I still enjoy playing around with my room and components every now and then...it's always been part of the hobby for me.

I have it was in my other pants
I haven't changed my system for about a year.

Hmmmm........maybe I should star sniffing around to see what's new........
two different things that can both be enjoyed.....recordings are 'just that'.
Yes and I am considering buying the Vandersteen 5a.
Have you found audio nirvana?

Yes, several times. The better question is "Why can't I just stop buying stuff once I've found audio nirvana?"

I guess the answer to that would be "Audio Nervoso". :)

I think it is fun...trying all the toys and try to get the best of them. Nirvana is a place, where no one of us wants to be.....
audio nirvana is going to concerts without listening to a stereo system for a few days. the gulf between live and recorded is wide indeed.
Have you found audio nirvana?


Now I need to work on video nirvana...