Have you ever solved a high end audio issue using non-audio technology? Or, visa versa?

Sometimes we just have to be creative to fix a problem.  Our "bag of tricks" may go well beyond the usual "audiophile grade" tools of the trade to produce a positive result.

Here's one:

Years ago, I acquired a little British sports car.  This, itself is an unusual story.  I'm a performance car enthusiast with a 835HP vehicle is parked in my garage.  

At any rate, the little 4-cylinder "tractor motor" had solid lifters that sounded like a Singer sewing machinegoing down the road above 3,000 RPM.  It distracted from the driving experience.  I was thinking how nice it would be to quiet them down a little.

Then I remembered the can of Acoustical Magic material I had in the basement.  For those unfamilar with this material, it's used to dampen the vibration/resonance of turntable platters.  I pulled the aluminum valve cover, cleaned and degreased it thoroughly, then applied a generous portion of Acoustical Magic.  After a little curing in the oven and allowing it to set for 24 hours, the valve cover was reattached.

If I had it do over again, I would have measured before/after with a spectrum analyzer. But, my best guesstimate is that there was a 6-9db drop in the tapping sound, and I could hear the sounds around me while cruising.  The driving experience improved exponentially.  Thanks to Acoustical Magic for a cheap, effective solution to my "acoustical" problem.

I have to admit that a year later the true "hot rodder" in me required that I add a turbo to the little engine.  The sound of the off-throttle blow off valve is music to my ears.  And, driving something resembling a real sports car, as opposed to a British commuter car was a plus.


Not audio related, but thought I would add. I once hooked up the outdoor Christmas lights at my employers shop into the 220 plug by accident (only plug there). Turned  on, wow, nuclear dawn!!! You could read a newspaper 100 yards away!!! The boss said “ that’s bright, But it looks good!!! Needless to say the lights didn’t last long, but we had the brightest lights on the beach for awhile !!  
   I wasn’t asked to do the lights after that. Wonder why?

@DeKay You sure Buddha just didn’t get tired of sitting in the same place and moved himself? 😊


A few weeks ago someone did steal the brass nozzle though, and our cement Buddha (way over one hundred pounds) had been moved a few inches.

@waytoomuchstuff Would this little British sports car just happen to be an MG? I have 70 MGB-GT, can relate. I also have much higher power car and motorcycle, and MG still feels faster on road, going slow and feeling fast so much fun.