Have you ever moved to improve your system

I don't mean around the room or adjusting the listening chair. Have you ever moved to a new house or apartment because it would be better for your system?

I have moved once since I found AudiogoN, but it wasn't for the sake of the listening room. I had to get out of that neighborhood.
I didn't move out of my apartment for the sake of getting a better listening space, but that is exactly what happened when I moved into my house two years ago. I did some mild acoustic work to the basement--which is a surprisingly great space for sonic pursuits--and the sound really blossomed in a way I had never heard before. The system has gotten a lot better in the last year or so, and the room has managed to keep up with it.
In the last five years, I have moved from Wyoming to Hawaii, to Queens NY, to San Louis Osbisbo CA, to Bakersfield CA, back to NY, to LA, and finally to Alaska. None of the moves were to improve my system, but I have learned quite a bit about getting set-up in different size and shape rooms!

I also learned to get "full replacement value" insurance when moving.

My wife wants us to move down to the shore in a couple of years, but one of my criteria in everything we have looked at has been a room that is large enough for my system and preferably can be a dedicated listening room. Probably will have to compromise somewhere, but not at this stage.
we moved a couple of times partly because the neighboring apartment dwellers didn't appreciate our quality sound system. At one of the places that we moved into, people around the neighborhood saw us carrying in the speakers and then couldn't wait to hear the rig! The dude downstairs even used to phone us asking to turn it UP! Parties were the best though: everyone would leave their doors open just like back in the college dorms, the whole building would party together --- sometimes all weekend long.
While my last house purchase wasn't because I "needed" a better listening/living room, (A better school district topped our list), but that certainly figured in the house that we did pick out! (My wife wanted a big kitchen and I wanted a big listening/living room - we both mangaged to get our wish.)
I sincerely think that if someone has to move to improve his system, well, that person needs to take a long, long break from Audio !
Sonicbeauty, I agree with you. That being said, my wife and I are currently looking to build a new home and you can bet my audio habit figures into my requirements.
i second that bob bundus,neighbor would start slaming drawers cuboards....please.extra money for a house...so worth it.i can listen all hours at pretty healthy levels.
I rented a condo for 1 year to see if I could live there. No way. Looked around for some time and found a fair sized town home that that was made of brick. This was good until it got a little late. My current house is a nice 3 bedroom ranch with a full basement. If I do move again,the audio is always in mind.

I did, actually. I moved to this house because I wanted a better room for my stereo system. I really loved my last house, but I knew I could get better sound with a bigger room that wasn't long and relatively narrow. The room I now use doesn't seem ideal when you consider that there are wide openings on one side and the back, but, for some reason, it does produce very good sound. I did install some acoustic panels on the walls and the corners, though just enough to damp some reflections. I probably could have done better with the room, but, though the desire for a better room for the system was the reason for moving, I also wanted a house I would be happy living in. All in all, it turned out fine, even with the compromise.
I moved a couple of times and most of the times where I could find a place for my rig.
I literally moved across the street from one townhouse to another who's only difference is an unfinished lower level that I intended to become a stereo / play room. As the rest of the townhouse was identical, we just told the movers to put everything in the same place - they were a little perplexed. They also had a hard time figuring out "them wierd speakers" (ML-SL-3's) that were to go down in that unfinished room.
One we moved in I had dedicated electrical circuits installed, outlets everywhere, a wet bar, and the whole none yards to make the room self sufficient for long listening sessions.
It worked out fairly well as you can see from the system photos.
Every rented home and later every purchased home had to meet certain criteria for audio during my marriage of 32 years. IMO, not doing so shows a lack of intelligence and taking charge of your life. If you love music enough and want it to remain central to your life you should give it the consideration it deserves. I do feel for audiophiles that live in areas where rental/purchase costs prohibit being so selective. I've been lucky to live where housing has always been plentiful, spacious and affordable.
Well I don't move for the system, but that was one of the requirements I wanted a room away from the main house to watch tv and something bigger to let me move the speakers around.

Wow learned alot. I use to have the speakers along side a cabnet they were being sucifficate. When I moved theym to a bigger room with air around them I was hearing thengs I never heard before.

If I ever move again it will be a requirnment.
didn't move to improve it but listening room was a huge factor in choosing a new home when i moved for other reasons
Not moved to suit my stereo, but selected my apartment based on reproduction of sound quality. I went from a 13' by 31' (Living room foyer) listening room with a hardwood floor and CONCRETE underneath to a 12' by 21' with a all wood floor underneath. Over time you get used to it, but at times I miss the bass.
I moved from an apartment into a house when I was in college - not so much for room acoustics, but so I could play my stereo without neighbors complaining. That was 30 years ago, and since then I've never considered multi-unit housing for this reason. In the last 30 years I've moved 6 times, and selection of the house always has considered room config/dimensions. In the last 8 years I've built 2 dedicated listening rooms in my basement, and am working on a home theater (it's a big basement) down there now. I probably would have stopped with one room if not for Audiogon.