Have you ever met another audiogon member in person?

If yes, tell us about it. 

i want to meet wolfgarcia and tablejockey!
I have met 3, living in the Houston area I run my adds welcoming in home demo and or p/u. The 1st was a member that came from Dallas to pick up a pair of B&W 802 speakers he just wanted to p/u and run but since they were hooked up he wound up staying and listening to music for 4 hours, he and his friend were really nice guys. The second was a local guy that elected to p/u at my home and we stay in touch and socialize still and the 3rd was a local guy p/uped a Wadia dac and later came back purchasing a headphone rig.
That's great tooblue!  I'm curious to hear others' stories--there must be more.  
@david_ten , yes sir, what's your pleasure?

For that Audiogon will need to implement dating section.
I don't wish to disappoint anyone but I heard Wolfie won’t go out without a chaperone.

@czarivey , you read way too much into that.
Actually, wolfie is not ALLOWED out w/o a "chaperone" AND a GPS bracelet! I’ve met a few members...Trelja, had a few listening sessions w dougdeacon and others, met Atmasphere and Albertporter at shows, a few others briefly buying and selling gear. All good folks.  I heard geoffkaitt doesn't go out because he is afraid  Schroedenger's cat won't let him back in the house. ;-)
I’ve had several members come to my house to listen to my system. Every visit went well. We talked about our different experiences as audiophiles and different equipment. 

I accompanied Brooks Berdan to the Vegas CES in the mid-90's to early 2000's, and spoke with Ralph Karsten and Michael Green there. If you saw a longhair at those CES', it was either one of them or myself. I believe Ralph has chopped off his freak flag, and Michael Green has gained so much weight he is unrecognizable, leaving me the last hippie standing ;-).
Wolfgarcia, if you're listening, you're on my list of those to meet before I die. ;)

I've virtually "met" folks only online and nearly every one was interesting and worthy of talking the hobby in person, but I've never done that. 
I've met the ones that I had to go pick up purchases from...or the ones that came to my house to pick up purchases from me.  Those were merely transactions...not much socializing.  Normally the transaction is completely done in 5 minutes or less.

Otherwise, I've never met a member outside of doing a transaction in person.

I have met about 10 members, been to several of their houses and some to mine, and I live out in the "sticks" All interactions have been great and some a'gon folks I now count as friends with contact over many years
I have met several audiogone members over the years.  Interesting people and I keep contact with a few of them as friends until today. 
Proud of this community. 
I have met Albert porter.  Otherwise on audioaficionado I have formed a local Dallas club.
I've had four in -person transactions all nice folks but brief meetings. I do have a local friend on here but we were friends before he discovered Audiogon so that doesn't really count I guess.
Au contraire, bdp24. Some of us just cut our hair shorter to deal with hot, humid summers ;-)
Through my local audio club I have met dgarretson and rcprince. Dave Garretson is a really nice guy and he is very knowledgable about all things audio. RCPrince is the former president of our local audio club, and is very passionate about classical music. He was formerly on the board of the NJSO, and performed in a local choir. He is also a wonderful person; extremely giving and generous. I also have met Johnny Rutan - aka "audioconnection". Johnny is the owner of Audio Connection, a great b&m store in Verona, NJ. I have purchased a few small itrems from him, and also used his service facilities. Not only is he a gentleman, he really knows his stuff. I also met a member who sold me one of my Vandy 2Wq subs, and another chap who sold me the M5-HP crossovers for them, but I cannot recall their names (it was years ago), as I picked up both in person.  Both nice guys.  It is not impossible that I know a few more, but do not know their real names. Our club has about 70 members.
Without too much log-rolling, I’ll confirm that Bondmanp (aka Phil) and rcprince (aka Russ) are nice guys with a strong commitment to the hobby and its social network. Also sbank (aka Spencer), President of the Philadelphia Audio Group! There are probably others I have met at club meetings and shows, but without knowing their Agon monikers.
-Rob Gordon
-Barry Bud
-Harry Caul
-Pablo Paul
-Kubla Dennis

Just off the top of my head.


I have met many agoner's in the past 15 years.
Being in NY has certain advantages.
The last was a drop off (amps) on W 57th St. 2 weeks ago.
The first was a pick up (amp) on W 59th St. about 15 years ago & there have been many, many in between including dealing with 3 women/ladies!
I am still in contact with a few over the years & value their friendship immensely. 
We've gone on lunches (Katz's deli) & dinner a few times & had some great conversations.
Thanks for the post as it has brought back some very fond memories!

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i meet Audiogon members all the time - almost every transaction.  I try to avoid shipping and that affords me to meet most buyers and sellers in person.  I can honestly say that in the 15 yrs or so trading, swapping, buying and selling audio, I have been blessed to never have met a member who is not worthy of my trust and friendship.  I may be one of the lucky ones, but all have been very cool folks who like audio and like music.   
I've only sold one item (McIntosh MC2600) and the buyer drove from St Louis to Atlanta to pick it up. Incredibly nice guy. He spent about 10 mins checking out the amp, handed me many hundreds, and off he went. 
Excellent stories guys. Hope those who are in Texas are well. Those now pending in Florida stay safe out there, be well.
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Oh, I too have done that swampwater., lopping off about a foot six months ago. When I auditioned for Peart Harbor's band, she asked me if I was willing to cut my mop, which I had anticipated. She's from the Punk/Rockabilly world (and was married to Clash bassist Paul Simonon, one of the worst bass players in the entire history of R & R. But he looked good ;-), and they don't cotton to hippies. I'm actually a greaser at heart, so that was no problem. Portland Oregon is teeming with old hippies, so now I fit right in, though I myself am not one, I just look like one. Biker's aren't hippies either! Remember when Steve Earle looked like a biker? Still kinda does, just a lot older.
I met Chashas1 when I bought a Primaluna Prologue 5.Super nice and great to talk to.We BS'd about gear and bands in the parking lot of The Hen House fine dining.The Amp looked brand new and had all original packaging.So if you see he has something for sale you can buy with confidence.
I've met a whole lot of Audiogoners, many of which became good friends.  Most do not take part in the threads, but a few who do:
As Michael (Swampwalker) mentioned, we met.  Obvious from his long time Audiogon participation, he's an absolutely stellar guy!

Also, off the top of my head: The Doctor (Mechans), Michael (Sufentanil), Bill Feil (AudioFeil), Spencer (Sbank), Bobby Palkovic, Vinh Vu (vtvu), John McGrogan, Duke (AudioKinesis), Bob Fogel (Rfogel),  Marius Stark (Mjstrrk), Tom (Tcrnetsmn), Dave Garretson, Russ Prince (rcprince), Johnny Rutan, Paul Folbrecht, Norm (Tbg), Albert Porter, and there are others...

Would love to meet folks like David (Dekay), Will (TubeGroover), Mapman, Brian (EssentialAudio), Denis (Springbok10), Unsound, Grannyring, Roxy54, LouSetTiodes, Saki70, Dlcockrum, Bigkidz, Islandmandan, and many more who no longer who hang around here.
bdp- since we are brothers in hair as well as musical tastes, I guess I should point out that I'm SwampwaLKer, not SwampwaTer.  I'm a wetland scientist, I walk around in swamps.  Just sayin'...
I met one guy on PS Audio's site, now consider him one of my closest friends.We are both in our 60s and enjoy discovering new, and old music we missed the when it was released.
Met a couple of guys on here, got to listen to an excellent system, particularly the analog section. Speakers sounded great from mid up, bass was not my cup of tea.
I don't think they liked me. The guy who hosted was, well both were very friendly, just a bit odd. They probably thought much worse of me.

I only stop here on Saturday's when I get the email update. I think anyone named wolfgarcia would be my kind of people. Over the years, I met a lot of good people at Dead shows. After "Touch Of Grey" the wanna be's started showing up, didn't have a clue. More suited for head banging, both literally and otherwise. The one's that didn't get it moved on.
If you find people in your area, send a PM.It can be hard to find dedicated audiophiles/music lovers. Most of my friends, some I have known for over 50 years, have lost interest.
Another place to meet like minded people is at your local audio shop, when they have special events. If nothing else, you may meet some of audio's greats. I got to have a very nice conversation with Richard Vandersteen.
Damn Swampwalker, I’ve been writing it wrong all this time? Sorry mate, I guess I thought it was perhaps a Louisiana or Florida-derived moniker, as it may be. Time to start wearing my reading glasses regularly! bdp24 refers to my favorite vintage drum covering (Black Diamond Pearl) and bass drum size (24").
No offense to anyone, but that's pretty hilarious.

My local audio club (DC HiFi) has quite a few members that are also on Agon.  I also have met several people from out of state that I've become good friends with here on Agon. Some of them will be coming to visit in November to hear my system and go to the Capital AudioFest. It should be a blast.

arcam88 and I have been friends for over 30 years. 


"Michael Green has gained so much weight he is unrecognizable"

Hey, pleasantly plump thank you. LOL

My girlfriends call me Santa.

Michael Green

Michael Green Audio/RoomTune

it's fun getting old

Good to see you here- MG

Happy Listening!

I would suggest that each member here observe proper and prudent caution before undertaking any personal contact with other's here because as has been shown in another thread elsewhere in these forums there are those seeking to perpetrate outright fraud-extortion and this will begin with their seeking personal information such as by using a private skype conversation to obtain it. I am sure there are many honest people here in the forums but it takes only one extortionist to cause you harm so do not be naive about the intent of some other's here.
I am partially German. I thought I had control of all rights to run on sentences. Apparently not. :P
Some folks here on the a-gon forum have unmitigated gall.

First they state the impossible.

Then they are presented with a genuine and no obligation challenge to demonstrate the impossible.

Then they tentiively accept challenge.

Then they attempt to dictate the terms of the challenge.

Then they are asked to act privately, and with the inclusion of legal council.

Then they refuse.

Then they cry fraud.
The difficult we do with ease and quickness. The impossible takes a little longer.

“An ordinary man has no means of deliverance.”
Never met anyone. No audiophile friends.

I met a guy recently and it worked out well. I got some Vac mono 160s and all is good 
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clearthink -I repost in full below this argument and remind readers here that this is the guy who used Audiogon to promote a phony rigged $25,000 USD listening "challenge" that moderators wisely chose to shut down and this is why I caution participants here about revealing personal information. If you read his argument in full below ask yourself what it has in common with those phony Nigerean email scams that everyone gets! It’s fraud and extortion plain and simple note especially the "act privately" and reference to "legal counsel."

And I would like to remind readers that it is clearthink who states the impossible. Namely, that he can audibly detect when ordinary speaker wire is reversed.

He merely had an "opportunity" to prove it, however, because *he cannot* and is essentially left with "egg on his face", he can do no more than attempt to disparage me here on the forum.

Given that his statement about being able to hear a difference when ordinary speaker wire is reversed in the absence of any proof is an outright lie, why would anyone believe anything else from clearthink?
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And a difference gdhal between me and you is that Audiogon decided that you are a fraud where it is you and you alone that is accusing me of being a fraud you are a dangerous person and that is why I have warned users here about you and your methods and your $25,000 USD scam! No one here should provide any personal information to you at all no matter how much you try to persuade them to give it to you including trying to embaress them here.
Some folks here on the a-gon forum have unmitigated gall.

First they state the impossible.

Then they are presented with a genuine and no obligation challenge to demonstrate the impossible.

Then they tentatively accept challenge.

Then they attempt to dictate the terms of the challenge.

(need I remind readers you, clearthink are not under any “obligation”. If you do not like *MY* terms, then simply state you aren’t interested. This is different than accusing someone of offering something fraudulent)

Then they are asked to act privately, and with the inclusion of legal council.

(need I remind you clearthink that *this works to your benefit too*. How stupid can you be?)

Then they refuse.

Then they cry fraud.

Then they repeat.
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clearthink ....that is why I warn participants here about your efforts to obtain personal information from other users on this forums!

I haven't asked anyone for personal information. Just the opposite, **I've provided my personal information** to expose liar's such as yourself, who state the impossible and have no way to prove your claims.

My previous question has even more relevance now, how stupid can you be?